The social recruiting battlegrounds in 2010

Twitter battle

The last decade has, in my opinion, seen one of the biggest seed changes the recruitment industry has seen for many years. While I am referring to social media, I also combine that with the evolution (it took it's time but now has real momentum) that has been online recruitment.

The primary change is that we're no longer just regarding them as recruitment experiements, they are now primary recruitment channels. Online recruitment systems (ATS's), job boards and social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Facebook have quickly become established candidate recruitment channels. And for me, this has led to the biggest change of all - increased candidate expectation!

The companies that have not yet embraced social recruiting, via the sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube (not forgetting blogs), will need to take a long hard look at themselves, as these platforms will become the recruiting battlegrounds of 2010.
Companies and recruiters that have been sitting at the head of the curve, have already created successful communities on specific platforms - like the already very successful Mya4e Community site, based on the Tribepad platform - and will they definitely yield recruitment success from these recruitment communities (the caveat being that whatever the platform, they need to be maintained and effectively managed to yield desired results).
Some companies and recruiters are already actively building effective communities, on the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Many companies towards the end of 2009, finally realised that they need to be in the social recruiting space, and have started to explore it further.

Building your online community - whether it be via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or a blog - will be absolutely crucial to success in social recruiting. Recruiting is all about relationships - with clients and candidates alike - and using social media tools are fantastic ways to initiate and develop relationships with them. So, by building your own communities (on individual or multiple social channels) with interesting, compelling and relevent content, companies and recruiters will both start to create a social recruiting brand that they will certainly need in the years ahead.

Battlegrounds inevitably have casualties scattered around them. So, if candidate expectation (around using social media in recruiting), continues to increase the way it has in 2009, then be prepared for the consequences, because, if as a company or a recruiter, you choose to ignore social recruiting as a channel for 2010, then you will be watching your competitors take control of the recruiting battleground for good!

Originally posted on my blog, Sirona Says.

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Comment by Andy Headworth on January 6, 2010 at 12:19pm
Martin / Slouch,

Maybe social will stay in the conversations, maybe not. Fact is that it is now firmly in the business vocabularly, whether we like it or not. I am sure it will disappear, but it won't be for a while yet I am sure:)
I think it best for us to wait for Facebook to purchase LinkedIn, and let them merge the two into a single platform - after all isn't it was LinkedIn are trying to turn themselves into? LOL We can then nicely mix in Twitter, and bingo (!) we have the singular platform many people crave.

Then we can forget about calling it social recruiting or social networking and call it Facebookintwit!! to get the domain name :-)
Comment by Andy Headworth on January 6, 2010 at 12:25pm
Spot-on Kelly!

I was told today that 'us' - the recruiters and sources that are actively using social media within our day jobs, are in a small minority, in comparison to the industry as a whole :(

After a presentation I did just before Christmas to 250 recruiters, I can, unfortunately say that is very true. In a room of that number of recruiters there was just one using Twitter and a very small number using LinkedIn properly to identify and source candidates. This is the slide I used to demonstrate to them what they are doing....

The response? An embarrassed laugh echoed round the room!!
Comment by Slouch on January 6, 2010 at 3:57pm
I think that ( I've said this lots of times in the past) really, all a recruiter needs is a bag of quarters and a phone booth to make placements. I don't think that any one way is the way that is best. I just think that the emphasis put on social networking and social recruiting will just be the things that recruiters need to do along with a lot of other things to get their job done. A recruiter should wake up and say I'm going to work to recruit. Networking is how a recruiter recruits. I agree with the iceberg.


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