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Has Social Recruiting reached the Tipping Point yet?

Tipping Point

For those of you that don't know what I am referring to, when I talk about 'Tipping Point':

The Tipping point is when the event of a previously rare occurrence become rapidly and dramatically more common

(If you want to understand this in a commercial context, then Malcolm Gladwell's bestseller… Continue

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Are you ready for the new normal that is social recruiting?

The missing piece

Over the course of the next week, I am meeting with many different companies - all with the same question wanting to be answered - does my business need to be using social media to recruit - social recruiting?

One of the first questions I shall be asking is whether their company is ready… Continue

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Would you recruit someone with a visible tattoo?

Tattoo at work

Within the workplace, there is still - I believe - one subject that creates very strong opinions and pre-conception discrimination when it comes to new colleagues and even worse prospective employees... and that is tattoos.

Tattoos used to be considered taboo, connected to…


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TRULondon 2 and Unconferences - what they are all about (video blog)

TruLondon 2 kicks off in a few weeks time, and I wanted to share my thoughts on what an Unconference is all about, and the upcoming event in a few weeks time - TRUlondon 2.

So in the spirit of unconferences, I have forsaken the keyboard and recorded this short video blog instead:

Ifyou are having problems viewing, here is the direct YouTube link

For more…


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Create an online community to be the hub of your social recruiting strategy

As I indicated in my popular post - The Social Recruiting Battlegrounds in 2010 - building your own online community will be a crucial part of successful social recruitment strategies in 2010 and beyond. Now whether you choose to do this via,… Continue

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The social recruiting battlegrounds in 2010

Twitter battle

The last decade has, in my opinion, seen one of the biggest seed changes the recruitment industry has seen for many years. While I am referring to social media, I also combine that with the evolution (it took it's time but now has real momentum) that has been online recruitment.

The primary change is that we're…


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My Top 10 Social Media monitoring tools that you should start using today


Do you know what is being said about you, your brand or your company online? Judging by the response I get from people - individuals and companies - I already know the answer.......and it is invariably no!

Many people don't actually seem to bothered either!

The world of social media has changed the…


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Christmas crowdsourcing time please:) Can you provide me with just one idea, for the ultimate (fun) Christmas Gift List for HR and Recruiters?

A Christmas List

For the last two years I have written two christmas posts that have been very popular with all of you. The posts were of a similar title; The Top 10 Christmas Gifts for a Recruiter. (Check out…


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The Best and Worst Corporate Recruiting videos.......ever!

For me this is without doubt the best corporate recruitment video I have seen from a global brand.

Clever, funny, well made and gets the message across perfectly.

Now for one that is complete sexist rubbish - obviously, just my opinion :)…


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Are recruiters barking mad or just plain stupid when it comes to LinkedIn?

Barking mad

Over the last week, I have had cause to ask myself what planet many recruitment consultants are on! And I have levied this point right at a good few of them - "Are you barking mad or just plain stupid? Why are you not using a primary tool that was 'created' for YOU as a recruiter!"

Now for the uninitiated of you,…


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Stuck for blog content? Here are 101 things you can write about on a recruitment blog

One of the questions I get often asked as a blogger, is what to right about. So in preparation for the blogging track I led at the Recruiting Unconference, I put together a take away for the bloggers that attended my tracks.

So if you blog about recruitment, in any way and constantly get stuck for subjects to blog on, take a… Continue

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Is good recruiting about experience, expertise or talent?

One thing that many years in the recruitment industry has taught me, is that actually in the big scheme of things we know comparatively little. Yes of course we know our industry, our marketplace and even our industry sector very well, but anyone who professes to know much more than that is, quite frankly, stretching the truth a little!

There is more to know about the recruitment industry are than any of us involved in it can ever hope to learn – social recruiting has shown us how… Continue

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Gen Y meltdown? Is there going to be an evolution in the generation Y revolution?

Meltdown Nothing like making a contentious statement on a Friday is there? Well this one has been rattling around my brain for the last week, and I felt it was about time it got 'aired'!

Is there now going to be an evolution in the generation Y revolution?

For all the people that read my blog regularly (and thank you by the way), you will have got the vibe that I am a…


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The Top 10 Recruitment Assumptions you SHOULD NOT make!

Assume As a someone who has been in recruitment for many years there…


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New Job boards - are they a front for massive ID theft?

This post started out as a flippant remark made to someone yesterday, but it made me think further.

There seems to have been another influx of new job boards coming into the already crowded space recently. My question is simple and worrying at the same time. What would stop a foreign owner (doesn't have to be foreign of course) setting up a job board? Then building up a database of CV's quickly, with some fancy promises, only to disappear to 'farm' all the personal information they have… Continue

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Recruiters have been known to stretch the truth.....once or twice!!

After sharing with everyone some of the crap that comes out of candidates during the interview process, I thought I should even it up with some b******s from the recruiters angle!! Of course this is all hearsay (!!), as I just can't believe we have been known to use any of these, can you??!! Go on, how many have you heard us utter?

  1. Research shows = I’ve made this up
  2. To…

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Candidates talking b******s - surely not??

Anyone who has been involved in recruitment, agency or client side will have heard most if not all of these in their time. They are of course statements from candidates to recruiters that are of course blatant b******s!! So you fellow recruiter, how many of these can you say you have heard?

  1. I need to speak with my wife = It's a no
  2. I'm perfect for the role = You can't afford me
  3. Can you call me back in ten minutes..... so I have time to…

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Are you a Mad Scientist, a Schmoozer or a Big Cheese?

Do you hunt, implement or influence? Your personality type can define your character, what you will achieve and how you perform in the business world. Matthew Baysfield from Tree has defined nine different personality types - can you identify which of these apply to you?

1. The High-flyer. You're at your best on the move, juggling several tasks and deftly changing plans when you need to. Freedom and flexibility suit you more than… Continue

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Google's Barbie Doll recruitment approach.

I read an article today by Matt Asay, which makes me wonder if Google are turning to blatant sexual stereotyping to aid their recruiting? Surely not I hear you cry, Google exploiting certain market sectors to get what they want?

Matt mentions that one of his friends was in San Jose for a corporate event. While waiting at the Marriott, he ran into a "swarm of beautiful young girls" that were "uniform in their good… Continue

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The 10 interests/hobbies you just DON'T want to put on your CV!!

As it is a Friday and it is always good to have a laugh on Fridays I thought I would share some mad, wacky and strange ' interest's, that I have come across on CV's this week. These are all definitely classified as "don't put these interests on your CV" :

1. Chinese Folk Dancing

2. Dog Surfing (???)

3. Painting toy soldiers from the Crimea War

4. Abnormal psychology of sharks

5. Ladybirds (??)

6. Medieval Re-enactment Society

7. Vampires

8.… Continue

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