Some people think that formal education is essential for achieving a goal. Some believe job training and experience can do the trick, while others say personal character and attitude will do the job. Finding the best fit candidate and retaining them for long has been a tricky task for HR professionals. And if the task is not taken care with full responsibility, it might cost huge to any organisation.

The best way to overcome the issue and achieve accurate results is to get in the shoes of  Spectre star James Bond and see how he can help HR’s in achieving the end goals.

Understand the Purpose

James Bond never agrees on a case without knowing the purpose of doing it. Similarly HR’s, before advertising a job opening or creating a new policy for the organisation, should understand in depth the purpose of doing the same. This will help them to target right areas, achieve results in lesser time with more productivity and prove HR to be the most important role in an organisation

Build Network

007 is never short of friends, team members, associates or even acquaintances. Whenever he is in need, his network comes for his rescue. For HR’s as well, they should be keen on building a strong network. HR’s should never ignore the possibility that the person they are meeting can turnout to be a prospective candidate, a mentor in their profession or even partner organisation for the current company.  

Gather information

The Spectre star keeps gathering information from whichever source possible. Gathering information is important for HR’s as well and should be a part of their day to day activities. The more the data, the accurate decision one can make. The techniques that can be used to collect data should be chosen with extra care.

Observe the surroundings

Our 007 agent keeps his eyes busy in observing and scanning the surroundings. He is expert in reading minds and analysing the turn in situations to keep himself one-step ahead of villains. HR’s also need to be keen on observing the surroundings and look for areas to develop within each employee, in terms of motivation, constructive criticism , team building and engagement activities, performance reviews and other related areas.

Ask Questions

The best trait of our heroic character is to ask questions - he asks questions to people connected with the case, to his bosses and even to himself. HR’s must also be in a healthy relationship with every employee in the organisation. This makes them open to answer while HR’s put across various questions related to work culture, organisational development, feedback of managers and other management related issues.

Be Super-techy

M (the boss of James Bond) has made sure that her agents are loaded with modern gadgets and weapons before they move on to fight the criminals. Our techy agent has always made precise impact with the use of these equipment. Similarly, organisations need to make sure their HR’s are given best online hr tools in the market to handle recruitment, employee details, leaves, appraisals and even payslips. Applicant Tracking System is one such tool in the lines of James Bond’s gadgets.

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