The Staffing Metric System..Metrics in a New Light!!!!

The Staffing Metric System..Metrics in a New Light!!!!

So I previously did a 4 part posting on Metrics. Here I wanted to explain what I call the “Staffing Metric System”. This is nothing really all that new, but instead a new way of thinking about metrics.  Please remember to go back and reread the original 4 part series for some added context into some of the things I say here.

Metrics can be divided into 3 categories;

Primary – metrics that are the primary things you will measure performance and success on. These will usually be the primary goals for a staffing professional (SP). Example would be hires, client and candidate sat.

Supporting – metrics that help give further detail on the how’s and whys of the primary metrics, and will sometimes be used for goals of staffing professional but usually to a lesser degree. Examples are time to fill, offer except, and quality of hire.

Learning/Informative – metrics that provide areas were we may need to gather more info, areas where there is opportunities to learn from. Examples are hire source, offer declines, competitive intelligence, and screen to interview.

The key here to remember is allot of these metrics, can fit into many categories. You could put time to fill in the primary field.

Also remember that allot of these metrics are connected. Client Sat will be impacted by quality of hire.

In addition remember that these metrics and the numbers they generate are only a piece of the puzzle, you need to find out why things and numbers are what they are.

Think of the metrics as a puzzle that creates a bridge from the SP(s) to an action. It can go from the SP(s) to an action to train the SP(s), to an action to fire the SP(s), to an action to promote and reward the SP(s), and to anyone of a number of other actions.


So there it is the “Staffing Metric System”

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