The top 5 ways to impress people during your notice period

The notice period can feel like encroaching a diplomatically sensitive zone. You are on your own way out seemingly but in reality you aren’t. The exact repercussions of your actions are not always evident. At the same time a lack of concrete action is expected from your end. To ensure that you can leave on a good note during this trying time the following ways can be used:

Managing pending workload

 There will be several tasks left to do even at the fag end of one’s employment. It is up to you to figure out how to deal with this workload. Some of them will not be done within your remaining time there. You have to be honest with yourself and figure out how much you can do. Have a frank interaction with your superior about this. Do give it your best shot. People will be impressed by your work ethic. Feedback is always sought after. Favorable impressions always help.

Be helpful to your successor

The notice period is often used to train a new hire. The person who is about to leave is expected to help in the transition period. You might find yourself at a loss as to why you should care. The person who is coming to the company though will not be privy to your situation though. He or she deserves professional treatment. Treat him or her well. Share your wisdom. At least someone will benefit from your experience. We like giving out what we have learned. 

Give honest and courteous feedback

As you wind down your clock you keep thinking about leaving. You start telling yourself that it was the best possible decision. In doing so you might start reacting negatively to your firm. You think they should have done more to retain you.

Fair enough you are entitled to think so. A lot of companies do conduct exit interviews nowadays. They sought out areas where they can improve. That is a good time for you to provide your point of view. Do not look at it as a way of retaliating or settling personal grievances. Explain your situation in a dignified manner.

Keep in touch with friends

We form numerous allies during our jobs. They help us get through the day to day machinery that is office life. Some of these become friends whom we would gladly see during our off hours.

They may not form a part of consideration when thinking forward professionally. But they sure leave behind a mark personally as well. And it is worth thinking about. Jobs come and go. These friends will be consistent. Moral support is essential during the instability of jobs. You need to know that you are not alone.

Need for references

It is common practice for companies to ask each other about their employees when there is a shift from the one to the other. They would be expecting a general good assessment. If it is too unfavorable you would be in a tricky situation. Selective editing would then come into play. So keep in the good books of the powers to be during your last days. What we do professionally stays even if our job descriptions and organizations change. Do not be in a position where you have to hesitate while listing a future reference.

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