The Transformation of HR & Marketing Trend Analysis

Automation. Segmentation. Content Creation.

All words that I’m used to hearing in marketing, but not phrases I remember hearing when I first got into recruiting. Of course, things change, now we're a recruiting technology company and we make products that help with reducing friction every day. But as we’ve been working behind the scenes to create this technology, I’ve watched the same transformation hit the streets.

Marketing is the new black! Scream the bloggers. Recruiting should come under Marketing, state the analysts. Marketing is the new HR, explain the sages.

Even our own research bears out this startling trend. In recent research conducted by our parent company CareerBuilder, insights emerged pointing to the reasons why HR, Recruiting and Marketing are moving ever closer to one another.


More than ever before, data is a crucial part of the recruiting process. Talent acquisition leaders are demanding more than simple time-to-fill rates, asking instead for numbers that can assist them in making creative conversations about the future of their business something they can quickly and easily see. In fact, 82% of recruiters use some form of data to inform their recruiting process. This need for data at multiple levels within the talent organization drives decisions about software, and how the enterprise communicates with its customer (the job seeker). As vendors strive to ensure software can in fact deliver on the promise of big data, they learn from other departments where one system can import all streams of data and create a cohesive picture from which the talent team can glean insight. Like marketers and sales teams have Marketo and Salesforce, so too, the recruiting team wants an application that can track and measure their efforts without multiple logins.

Candidate experience: 

Virtually unknown as a concept just a decade ago, today’s in-demand candidate is practically wooed by companies who compete to see just who can deliver the most elite employer brand coupled with a simple and visually pleasing candidate experience. At least that’s what the expo halls at conferences would have you believe. While many companies are working on this, the complexity of the hiring process remains a frustration for the actual candidates.  60% of candidates report bailing on the application because it was too long and had too many steps. No one is better than creating an experience than marketing, which is why recruiters are finding themselves moving in this direction. There is still a wide disconnect between what candidates think and what hiring managers believe about the application process. Testing, tweaking and user experience management are all ways for talent acquisition to steal marketing’ playbook. 


No, not the mobile website experience (although that IS important). What I am talking about is making sure the experience of applicants is nurtured throughout the process. The easiest and smartest way to do this is via drip campaigns and automation. Marketing knows all about this piece of the pie as well, from years of hand holding customers through waves of insecurity around e-commerce and new buying and payment options. Applying this knowledge to the application process benefits both recruiter and job seeker, because 86% of job seekers expect an automated reply with the majority 61% feeling that a clearly automated response is simply the company “reaching out”. In layman’s terms, it’s better to send a robotic email than no email at all.

Do you see marketing trends infiltrating HR and Recruiting? (hint: yes) If so, do you agree with my reasons or disagree. Why?

Bio: Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson is the founder and CEO of Broadbean Technology, a sourcing and recruitment technology company. Broadbean Technology has created a strong global presence with offices in the US, Europe and Australia The company remains true to the core fundamentals of its inception: “Keep it light and fun while getting the job done!” Kelly writes about leadership and culture, as well as reducing friction in the candidate experience.

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