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Forget that the internet and social networking has revolutionized recruitment already, it’s only softening us up for what’s to follow. I stumbled into a 6 minute video yesterday that really got me thinking (it's not my video, and I'm not on commission) at In a nutshell it says:

  • 3D printing is going to be bigger than the internet, steam engines, and Henry Ford’s production line. It will impact on what’s produced, where it’s produced, how it’s stored and transported. Whole industries are about to face massive change, which will impact on all of us.
  • “Work” used to be considered a place, now location doesn’t matter. New web tools enable organisations to construct virtual teams who can work together from all over the world on a contractual basis. Once the job’s done, they go their separate ways, probably never to meet again. Think I’m talking out of my hat? - watch the video!
  • The competition for your job won’t come from where you live. Platforms such as oDesk enables work and labour to move anywhere – again, location doesn’t matter.
  • Work, ideas, creativity, will be “crowdsourced”. That is, they will be split and shared amongst those who are best at it – not those can can reach it. Remember, location doesn’t matter.
  • Customer acquisition will change to the point that our lives, and the things we require for our comfort and well-being, will be managed by apps – the fridge app will tell our shopping app that we’re about to run out of milk, and hey presto, it’s on our doorstep.

This will impact on all of us, most especially the recruitment industry. How we (recruiters) respond as a collective, and especially in the UK, will make for an interesting spectator sport!

I had a more complete discussion about this on my blog at

I think it will change the world. I'd be interesting to hear other views....

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