I heard that if you have a goal, you should never say that you're going to start it sometime in the future. Don't say, "I'll start that tomorrow morning" or "I'll do that after ____" because it creates a sense of non-urgency in your subconscious. If you can put it off for awhile, why bother doing it at all? If you want to achieve something, fully commit by taking the first step RIGHT NOW.

Nearly every HR and recruiting conference has a session about "The Future of Recruiting." What about the present? What about the change factors we need to make TODAY to get there? It's the individuals and companies who are making changes TODAY who will shape the future and reap its rewards.

HR Departments - Start utilizing your recruiting partners as real partners, instead of competition. Pick up the phone and tell your recruiter what they can do to help you and readily provide info that will help them be successful. You're paying them to help you, right? Then, cross those recruiting tasks you just delegated off of your to-do list and get to those strategic projects you never have time to tackle. When open positions at your company are being filled with quality people (thanks to a well-informed recruiting partner) and you're achieving other major HR goals within your organization, everyone wins - especially your employees and your bottom-line! Make that call right now.

Recruiters - When you get that call from HR, start thinking like a busy hiring manager and busy HR department. You've been hired to alleviate pressure, not intensify it. Tell your hiring managers that they'll see fewer, but better qualified candidates. Know. Your. Client. Research their industry, understand the challenges in their market, know what potential candidates will say about them and how to overcome that. Commit to using your expertise to reduce the workload of your client's managers. High-quality, pre-screened candidates are harder to find. Accept it and then conquer it, starting right now.

Candidates/Jobseekers - Quit your whining. Yeah, the economy has been miserable for awhile. Get over it. There are jobs out there - do you want one? If a recruiter calls you about a job and says they think you'd be qualified, don't make them wish they hadn't called. Don't tell me about how much you hate the job search process, how your last boss was a jerk and the company was useless. I'm not your friend, I'm representing your potential boss. Use good manners, dress professionally, speak clearly and make sure your follow-up is timely and thoughtful. Make it your goal that everyone who talks to you will be happy that they had the opportunity. Remember that you are representing yourself AND your recruiter when you speak to an employer. Don't embarrass me. Think of the most professional, successful person you know and mimic their best qualities. The way they dress, how they act and how they communicate is probably what made them successful. Start doing these things now.

What could you do now to move yourself and your company forward? What habits have you been TRYING to break instead of just breaking them? We could change the world starting today. Why wait for the future?

P.S. A tip of the hat to G.K. Chesterton who wrote, "If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly." (I actually thought I was being creative with my title, but then realized it sounded a little too familiar, thus requiring further research.) The American Chesterton Society suggests that he meant some things are so important, that you should do them yourself, even if it means doing it poorly. So again I say, don't wait until the day you can do something important perfectly, just start doing it today! You'll get better.

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