This is Why Your Recruiting Agency Needs A Software.

Running a recruiting agency is a task, there are so many things to look after. Moreover, in this age, your recruitment agency might not be performing up to the mark if you are NOT using a good recruiting agency software to ramp up your recruiting activities!

Every individual wants to land his dream job and achieve success in professional life. This won’t be possible without the right employment opportunities. Recruitment and staffing happen to be integral segments of the job sector where both employers and employees are at the beneficial end. While commercial establishments get the right set of workers capable of accelerating their bottom lines, talented employees can land their dream jobs. A quick look at stats will help you understand why effective recruitment is essential.


If you run a commercial organization or business, you will surely understand the importance of branding and brand reputation. Follow the market stats, and they will lead you to the current trends. A whopping 84% of employees will leave their current opportunities and opt for new jobs if the latter is better than the former!

Company reputation, incentives, and remunerations can woo potential candidates. Oh yes, even the passive ones do get attracted! That explains the need for targeted and effective recruitment quite well!


With the rapid growth in the demand for skilled employees and lucrative job opportunities, recruitment and staffing agencies have huge tasks to perform. They have lots of responsibilities which gives rise to critical challenges too. Here’s a brief account of those challenges and problems faced by them.


Recruitment agencies have to face and deal with a multitude of issues. From proper staffing to finding genuine recruiters, there’s never a dearth of problems. While it’s easy to handle some of these issues, the others might weigh you down. It’s imperative to identify these issues first and then find the targeted solutions.

1. Cut-throat competition

The competition will always exist in the market, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The best way to solve this problem is to deal with it. The ever-increasing demands for effective recruitment and perfect jobs have led to the emergence of numerous staffing agencies. Quite naturally, that gives rise to tight competition in the recruitment arena.

2. Talent Pools

While placing a search for a particular job opening or vacancy, recruiters will come across innumerable applications. Although all these applications and CVs aren’t similar, they are equivalent to a great extent. Such trends make the job quite tough for recruiters. Screening the top talents amidst a pool of efficient candidates isn’t an easy affair and will lead to enormous administrative duties. If you own a recruitment agency, this particular issue might affect you in the following ways:

  • Prevent you from performing successful recruitment
  • Make the screening process difficult

Recruiters need to take special care while choosing the right people for the job. It’s here that many of them are facing critical challenges.

3. Dishonest applicants

Many times, job applicants lie about their credentials and project a bigger picture of their achievements than it is in reality. We are living in a world of automated technologies, and there’s no way you can check these CVs and credentials manually. However, applicant dishonesty poses a major threat to the future of staffing. Recruitment agencies and individual recruiters should act judiciously under such circumstances.

4. Outdated technologies

Tech innovations are arriving at the market at lightning speeds. Staffing agencies need to cope up and embrace the change right now. Some of the companies and agencies are still relying on outdated processes, technologies, and ‘been-there-done-that’ strategies. These aren’t going to work anymore, and it’s time for them to pull up their socks.

Embracing the latest technologies and state-of-the-art resources is the best thing to do. That will also bring forth the top talents in the market.

5. Sluggish approaches

The world is moving at a phenomenal speed, and every business is striving hard to keep up with this pace. When it comes to recruitment, agencies should be fast enough to execute projects within time. Missing deadlines might lead to the loss of profitable opportunities.

6. Candidates juggling offers

There’s no denying the fact that candidates have to juggle job offers. Every individual wants to achieve the leading spots in the professional arena thus picking and choosing between multiple job offers! That leads to confusion and recruitment agencies find it difficult to manage staffing demands and supply.

Striking a balance or equilibrium between supply and demand is necessary. With a whopping 90% of employers considering staffing to be a candidate-driven sector, there’s no denying the importance of talented and skilled workforce.

7. The ‘data-affair’

We know how big data and effective data analysis can help recruiters solve numerous issues. With a pool of employee data and employers’ information, staffing agencies can bring the best of both worlds. However, there are differences and deviations as well. Huge databases and large information pools can affect the fluidity and dexterity of the staffing process.

Recruitment companies should have their internal database which carries precise and accurate information about candidates. It’s here that the following threads play a significant role:

  • Very less information: Some of the candidates enlist their names, contact details, and a basic CV with generalized information. Even though these types of CVs contain some information, it’s not easy to extract them.
  • Duplication of data: This occurs at large, especially when potential applicants update their CVs and profiles.

Both these threads define how data extraction becomes a highly difficult affair for recruitment agencies. What they need is a strong and reliable database that contains accurate, precise, and targeted information.


You need to deal with these challenges and there are no second thoughts about that. While developing the existing processes, devising new strategies, and incorporating innovative technologies into practice is important, leveraging the power of data is another smart move.

Recruitment agencies will have to leverage data and utilize the benefits of their internal database. Business Intelligence and data extraction will help recruiters realize the immense potential of their information pool. That will lead to improved decision making thus transforming crucial insights into positive actions.

It’s here that recruiters need access to the right technologies and JobsPikr emerges as the best tool. With optimum scalability, wide coverage, zero infrastructural costs, and affordability, this job feeds solution can take recruitment to the next level.


One of the major benefits of JobsPikr is the ready availability of job feeds from job boards and company websites across the world. The tool offers immense potential for staffing agencies, job boards, and analytics firms. Some of the unique features of this JobsPikr include:

  •       Scalability
  •       Complete and wide coverage
  •       No infrastructural or setup costs
  •       Zero maintenance
  •       Affordable pricing structure

With the help of Jobspikr, you can gain access to targeted information about potential candidates, identify the recruitment needs of various organizations, and generate quality leads in this sector. Most importantly, this tool simplifies data extraction and analysis to a great extent. 


JobsPikr will help recruiters identify the staffing requirements across industry verticals and in different geographical regions. While doing so, the tool deploys automated web crawlers which work on ML techniques.

The desired information gets extracted from the right destinations such as job boards, company websites, career pages, etc. and JobsPikr presents them in a ready-to-use format. Recruiters can also customize their requests and receive targeted updates on job offers. Here’s how the tool works:

  1. Selection: The first stage of the process is the selection of targeted websites. You can either choose individual sites or all sites sorted by industry or region.
  2. Subscription: The next step is the subscription process. Recruitment agencies will have to pay subscription fees to use the platform.
  3. Data access: After the completion of the previous steps, recruiters can extract and access all the crucial information and data. Quite naturally, JobsPikr makes data extraction easier, smoother, and better.

Data analysis and extraction have become integral parts of every business process. Whether it’s a simple hiring process or bulk recruitment, ready access to the right data will ensure numerous benefits. Recruitment agencies should realize and leverage the benefits of data thus creating new avenues of development for the sector.


Successful and effective recruitment ensure benefits for both parties. While potential candidates have the opportunity to land their dream jobs, companies can hire the best employees capable of adding value to their organizations. Both the parties involved in the recruitment process reap the benefits thus earning huge revenues.


The recruitment sector has to face a fair share of hassles and challenges. With the constant developments in technology and cut-throat competition in the market, these challenges are taking a gigantic shape. Let’s hope that these tech innovations will give the desired boost to the recruitment sector thus bringing in great opportunities for the people connected with it!


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