Tips for Writing a Compelling Job Advertisement

Steve Jobs has left us with this influential and stirring quote about the secret to success. He has said that it’s all about going to great lengths just to hire the best people for the job. To achieve this, it all starts with getting the right candidates or doing your best in recruitment.

What is recruitment? It is considered to be the core of human resource management. It is the most important function that can make or break your business. Employing the right person for the job is the ultimate goal of recruitment. It might seem to be simple, but recruitment is not only limited to having an adequate number of recruiting specialists, a skilled interviewer, or a paid huge job advertisement site that promises great results.

Simple as it may seem, job advertisement is the heart of all recruitment strategies that ever exist. It might be just like writing a simple advertisement, yet, like any other writing assignment, one must be able to know the target audience to be able to use the language they understand the most. Making good first impression is not only essential to applicants alone, as they are entitled to create their first impression with jobs they encounter, too.

To be able to write a compelling job advertisement the following must be noted:

1. Draw attention

If you are a boy with a crush on a girl, or vice versa, you normally need to do everything to attract the attention of that person. It’s the same with job advertisement. You have to do the following:

a) Use an appealing job title
b) Define the role or the jobs description carefully

However, it must not deceive job applicants. Include other additional perks that might interest them and persuade them to send their applications.

2. Be specific with the qualifications or certifications needed for the job

This will allow candidates to compare their skills set versus the requirements or qualifications of the job. You need to do this to avoid unqualified individuals from applying. In the end, it will save you time in browsing piles of job applications.

3. Avoid exaggerating

Be clear and concise regarding the job details. It must fit the role you are looking for. Instead of making it sound too fantastic when it really is not, you must be realistic. Balance is the key. You do not want applicants to get their hopes up for nothing. It is better that they know what to expect in a specific job role.

For example, if you are in need of a job advertisement for writing term papers that are convincing and striking, you can learn from

4. Introduce your company

Put yourself in the shoes of the job applicant and ask yourself these questions:

• What do you want to know about the company?
• What are you looking for in a company?
• What kind of company would you like to be part of?

5. Do not forget to give your contact details

Leaving contact details in a job advertisement can do you a lot of favor. That’s how applicants can start calling in and sending their job applications. When they call, you can take the opportunity to ask and browse their applications and see if they are qualified before you actually spend time scheduling them for an interview.

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