Top 6 Recruitment Trends In 2016 For IT Industry

Importance Of Recruitment In IT

According to most leading IT recruitment agencies in London, the process of recruitment in IT isn’t just about finding and hiring a candidate with the requisite professional skills. Rather, it also needs the candidate’s social skills to be analyzed as only a candidate with the combination of the right skills and attitude can do justice to the vacant post or job in question. In case a wrong candidate gets hired, it will not only cause chaos or imbalance at work but even make the company suffer on account of a loss of money invested on him/her. Though IT recruitment can be either external or internal of an organization, which is mostly handled by the HR department, the task can be outsourced, at times, to a third party like an IT recruitment agency in London.

Now that you know how an IT employment agency in London can help you to hire the right IT candidates, let us take a look at the predicted trends this year for the IT industry.

Top 6 Recruitment Trends in 2016 For IT Industry

  • Develop a compelling employer brand: Positioning your company as a brand to reckon with would help you in your recruiting efforts. When 56% of 4,125 global talent leaders spread across 31 countries participated in LinkedIn’s 2015 Global Recruiting Trends, they told they had the task of developing their employer brand as the top priority on their list. In 2016, the emphasis would be on crafting a persuasive and enticing employer brand, which would attract the right talent and help retain them. To stay in tune with this trend, you should focus on creating a website where a separate section lists the career opportunities for job seekers, apart from summarizing the organization’s culture, values, benefits and accomplishments. IT recruitment London experts also advise employers to ramp up their company's image on various social-media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter, apart from engaging with potential employees online.
  • Corporate Talent Networks: Unlike the past where IT recruitment in London focused on candidate relationship management, the emphasis now has shifted to creating a talent network from where candidates can be hired, as and when a vacancy or need arises. If you think that this talent network is simply a place where jobs are posted, think again. It also encompasses posts and media to attract people from different strata – from employees and alumni, to fans, prospective candidates and even business partners as well as customers.
  • Social Sourcing: Social recruiting has been big in 2015 and it’s going to be even bigger in 2016. Though LinkedIn retains its position as the leader when it comes to hiring via social sites, Facebook and Twitter are giving it close competition. According to a survey done in 2015, people are increasingly searching for jobs on Facebook and Twitter. The survey found that while 14% of recruiters hired candidates they found on Twitter, 26% hired someone they found on Facebook. Since social sourcing would be used more extensively in 2016, professionals onboard IT agencies in London advise candidates to follow company pages of their choice to know the work culture, nature of job, employer brand etc. They also suggest companies to optimize their pages, post regularly and use keywords to attract the right talent.
  • Solidify a mobile recruitment strategy: 2016 is going to be the year of mobile recruiting where recruitment would be done via mobile platforms, such as apps and mobile career pages, in addition to leveraging online recruiting strategies through social networks. According to experts offering IT recruitment services in London, mobile recruitment is here to stay as technology at your fingertips is gaining momentum.
  • Closing the Gap Between Active and Passive Candidates: A leading IT employment agency in London is sure to advise you on reaching out to passive candidates. Unlike active candidates who can be seen everywhere promoting themselves, passive candidates might not be looking around aggressively but could be interested in a change. In fact, a poll in 2015 showed that on LinkedIn, as many as 63% of members were not looking for a change actively but would probably be interested in new job leads. Thus, 2016 is the time for companies to take advantage of this massive passive talent pool.
  • Recruiters as Sourcers, not Recruiters: With companies now looking to hire from a global talent pool, the role of the recruiters has undergone a sea change. Unlike earlier days where recruiters simply interviewed people, the emphasis is now on them to conduct high-powered sourcing and initial screening. These days, hiring managers conduct the interviews while recruiters (who are often senior company officials) focus on sourcing the right talent, often tapping into the passive talent pool.

Now that you know all about the trends to look out for in 2016, plan your hiring strategies accordingly. In case these sound like an uphill task, you can always take your pick from the leading IT recruitment agencies in London, who will do the job for you.

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