Top 6 Time-Saving Tech Tools Every Businessman Should Use

Time is a finite resource and the better you manage to utilize it, the bigger competitive edge you can make in the business world. Sadly, even though the world we live in is incredibly hectic, chaotic and disorganized, a lot of people never even make an attempt to develop coping mechanisms for these problems. Sure, there’s nothing that can make up for good old self-discipline but there is a number of digital tools that could help you organize your time a lot better. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top six time-saving tech tools that every businessman should use.

Time management app

The first tool that you definitely need in order to save time is a time management app. The reason why this is so important is due to the fact that it helps you run diagnostics and figure out why you have a time-management problem, to begin with. For instance, chances are that you’re completely unaware of how much time you spend on social media, YouTube or even staring at your phone. With the right time management app, you’ll be able to get a much greater insight into what’s going on. Through a system of notifications and reminders, this app can also help get you on the right track.

Budgeting app

Chances are that you’re doing your own budgeting, which is why you might greatly benefit from a budgeting app. You see, entering all your expenses into Google Sheets or MS Excel table is an effective method of handling this but it requires too much data entry. Doing it the old-school way (with the pen and paper) is an even greater time-waster. With a budgeting app, you can just scan a receipt, have a direct link to your credit card and bank account and, in this way, automate your budgeting. This is beneficial both for personal finance and your business expenses.

Tracking apps

Finding something that you’ve lost is also a major time-waster, which is why you might want to look for a high-end, tech-based solution to this problem. We’re talking about tracking devices and apps which can inform you exactly where the item in question is. The first example of this can be seen on a Bluetooth key finder, which can ensure that you never lose your keys ever again. Another great idea (for those who travel a lot) is to purchase a luggage GPS tracker which you can, once again, track via your smartphone.

Online calendar platform

A calendar platform can help you plan out your week or month, thus enabling you a much greater time-management effort. Bear in mind that these online calendars also have a notification system and can be set one day in advance in order to notify you of all your responsibilities for the next day. Not only does this help you manage your time better but it also makes you into a more responsible person. For a lot of projects, the ability to give others access and insight into your schedule might make a major difference.

Delivery service

One more massive time-waster is running your own delivery. Just think about it, you’ve spent 10-12 hours at work (including the commute) and upon reaching home, you’re supposed to do a grocery run. Fortunately, with a delivery service app like Postmates, you can easily avoid the necessity for such a thing. Keep in mind that your own region may have a different version of this service, which is why you need to do your research. Once you start using this service, though, you’ll be surprised at how convenient and addictive it can be.


Another app that you need to take into consideration is Uber, which can be of immense aid for your urban commute efforts. Even if you are a passionate driver, chances are that you might get invited to a business dinner and be invited to share an alcoholic drink with your partner. Seeing as how such a thing can set a more casual mood for the evening, thus improving your networking efforts, refusing it would mean missing out on a competitive edge. Why worry about how long it will take you to hail a cab when you can just use your Uber application to get safely back home.


For all of this to work, it’s necessary for you to start looking at your time like an asset. This means planning, being more frugal and performing regular audits in order to ensure that you’re on the right track. Fortunately, these six tools can help you with all of it.

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