Top 7 Tips to Write the Best College Essay

The quality of your essay helps the admission officers decide on who you are and additionally the type of writing skills you have. Though you have your test scores and grades to show your skills, the essay is a vital part that reveals more information about you. Here are some tips to help you write the best essay.

1. Prepare well: The hardest part of the essay is starting on the work. Remember the early bird gets the worm first. When you start early, you will have more time to spare and be less stressed out. You can plan what you are going to write on. Think of interesting topics to write about, instead of boring stuffs. Once you have researched on the topic you want to write, you can form an outline or rough draft.

2. Be truthful: Copying or altering a bit of what others have written can land you in trouble. The admission officers have years of experience screening thousands of essays. They can detect plagiarism a mile away. Try to be as truthful as possible and make an effort to write what you can.

3. Risks are necessary: Avoid writing on the most common topic that everyone writes about. More than bad essays, it is the common essays that create a big problem for you. One way out of this is asking your friends on what topic they are writing and refraining from writing about it in your essay. Another way is seeking expertise service from for better written and high quality essays.

4. Keep it short: Instead of listing out everything about you, right from your academic record, athletic skills and other talents in two or more pages, try to limit the essay to around 600 words. An admission officer has to read through a huge number of essays every day. If you write more than 700 or 800 words, they might lose their patience reading the entire essay.

Read the question carefully and write down a rough draft of ideas you want to include and stick to the points that you feel are more effective. Since the remaining part of application explains about your accomplishments more, avoid doing it in your essay.
Add some creativity and make it look appealing.

5. Edit your writing: After writing the rough draft and focusing on the important points, you need to edit the writing. Cut out the unnecessary details. Words like ‘very’ and ‘many’ are used prevalently. Remove these vague words to make your essay look stronger and more focused. More often the introductory and end notes contain fluff words, which are not needed. You can simply take them out.

6. Check for errors: Once you have finished writing, go over the entire essay and check for grammar, spelling, and typos. These can be corrected in a better way if you ask someone else to check it. The mistakes will be spotted more easily this way.

7. Feedback is important: Share the essay with friends, teachers or family and ask for their feedback. It should be sensible and show your personality and not someone else’s. The feedback will help you achieve that quality in your writing.

Though the application essay is vital, admission officers do not consider only the essay for the admission process. They take into account the entire package including the academic and extracurricular activities, test scores, etc. You need to keep this in mind while writing the essay.

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