Top Interview Questions Asked and How to Answer Them

We have all had that not-so-special feeling of beating hearts, sweaty palms, and raspy breaths. The state describes the sense of a fresh graduate going to the first interview. New students going for entry-level jobs can especially subscribe to this feeling. The collective thoughts that plague a fresh job seeker are:

• Am I prepared enough?
• What will they ask me?
• What can they ask me?

These thoughts and concerns plague the poor heart of a newbie job seeker. Fortunately, much of the usual and understandable fears can be alleviated if one has prepared oneself to get through the standard battle of the interview questions. Even though it isn’t possible to know every question that the interviewer asks, you can prepare yourself for the common questions that are commonly asked in every job interview, especially entry-level jobs. Read on for the master class on how to answer the typical interview questions.

1. What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This is a tired and trusted question that the interviewer asks. One thing for sure is that this cliché is never going out of style. The interviewer wants to know what assets you can bring to the company. You must be prepared to answer eloquently and precisely the strengths relevant to the company that you can bring. Ask yourselves on the relevant strengths required for the job? Are you a team player? Are you calm under pressure? Are you equipped to meet the deadlines? These are some of the strengths that are prized in most companies. Also, make sure to give a realistic picture of your attributes instead of overselling. On the same note, don’t be too hopeless about your weaknesses. If your weakness is lack of adequate collaboration, then convince the interviewer on your passion to improve yourself. Overall, keep the tone light and positive.

2. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

This question must be answered carefully. Entry-level job seekers sometimes naively pitch their expectations too low. Lack of tact in handling this question may cost you some cash. Try to eke out the answer from the interviewer by cross-questioning on what the company gives typically for a similar position. Otherwise, pitch a handsome amount but be willing to negotiate with the company.

3. How Do You Handle Stress?

Answer the question with sensitivity and optimism. The job jungle can be a clamouring clutter of strict deadlines and ruthless bosses. List your stress coping mechanism highlighting the positive results it has had in your life.

4. How Long Do You Intend To Work For The Company?

If a company is expending valuable resources on you, then they are looking for someone who would be with them for the long haul. Convince the company on your perseverance and dependability. However, if you don’t intend to work for more than one year, then instead of giving a number, give a roundabout answer such as, “I would like to work here as long the opportunities for growth and development are there”.

Once you nail the above questions with a tone of professionalism and confidence, then the other unknown questions will seem less threatening.

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