In life being motivated and maintaining that motivation is something we all struggle with from time to time. During this very uncertain period finding the right motivation from day to day can be more and more difficult!

Whether you are still going to work every day, working from home, on furlough leave, struggling with life in lock down or self-isolation here are our top tips to help you stay motivated:

Tip number 1: Define your goal

Each day, what is it you want to achieve? Having a goal you can work towards is great way to stay on track and keep motivated. The best way to work towards achieving that goal is to break it down into Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely steps (SMART). A goal is far easier to achieve when you break it down.

Whether its 5 or 10 small steps – these will keep you on track every time you cross one off your list as you know you are closer to achieving your overall goal, which is a great incentive to keep you focused and motivated!

Give yourself a little treat after each step – you earned it!

Tip number 2: Set a plan that works for you

Start with a morning routine that sets up you up for the day. That could include a quick workout, breakfast with the family, meditation – whatever works for you. Starting your day right is key! Once you have that sorted, think about breaking up your day, doing tasks for a couple of hours, having a short break, then back to work.

Even if you aren’t working, what tasks do you need to get done each day? Could be home schooling the children or completing things around the house – whatever it is, plan it!

Breaking up the day into smaller chunks and having some structure to the day will help keep you motivated!

Tip number 3: Use your support network

Support from others when you are needing a little extra bit of motivation is so important! Don’t ever be ashamed to hold your hands up and admit you need a bit of help to stay on track, we ALL do. If you are living with family, a partner or friends – make the time to catch up every day, share how your day has gone, talk about any concerns, have a laugh, pour a drink, whatever it is you enjoy doing.

If you live alone, perhaps set up a WhatsApp group with close friends, colleagues or family, whether it’s a professional network, friends or family there will be times when moral support is VITAL!

If WhatsApp isn’t your thing there are so many social networking channels now or video apps you can download and sign up to keep in touch with people. A phone call, message, email, video call can do the world of good when you need an extra motivational boost!

Stay safe! Stay motivated! If there is anything Calco can help with during this period, please do drop us an email on

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