Top Tweets of the SourcingChat – Candidate Experience: A Need or a Buzzword?

We’ve heard so much about candidate experience and its importance but have you ever wondered whether it is a need or a buzzword. We @SourcingAdda took the liberty to find out and confirm our views about the same by conducting a #SourcingChat. So here are the top tweets of the Chat…

           Q.1 How do you define candidate experience? #SourcingChat

          A1. The reactions of a Candidate in Every Process of Hiring and goes until his Joining.

          The reaction can be + or - ve #sourcingchat

          @SourcingAdda A1. Candidate experience is collective result of the interaction you have

          with the candidate in hiring process #SourcingChat

          Q.2 What are the components of candidate experience? #SourcingChat

          A2 - Every interaction of an organization with a candidate are components of candidate

          experience #sourcingchat

          #Sourcingchat @SourcingAdda A2) Components: Academics, Attitude, Advancement, Ability

          to Acknowledge his knowledge,

         Q.3 How important is the Candidate Experience during the Hiring Process? #SourcingChat

          A3) Word-of-mouth marketing #SourcingChat

          @SourcingAdda A3: The Employer Brand is as strong as the Candidate Experience in hiring

          process #sourcingchat

          Q.4 What can you do to ensure a high satisfaction candidate experience? #SourcingChat

          A4. #RECRUITERS Lose the “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” Attitude #sourcingchat

          @SourcingAdda A4) 1) Simplify your employment job application process 2) Customize Form

          E-mails #SourcingChat

          @SourcingAdda A4) 3.Make sure your job descriptions are accurate 4.Communication is key

          5. Pick up the phone and talk (2/2) #SourcingChat

          Q.5 What are the factors that lead to bad candidate experience? #SourcingChat

          A5) Unclear JD’s and Imprecise feedback #sourcingchat #candidate_experience

          A5. - Lengthy Hiring TAT, Delay in Feedback, and Recruiter Laid back attitude etc. #sourcingchat

          A5) Just one word "Time" Ans for all 5 questions #SourcingChat

          Q.6 How can you minimize the effect of these factors? #SourcingChat

          A6) Provide candid feedback #sourcingchat #candidate_experience

          A6) Screening should be done properly + Time management #SourcingChat

          Q.7 Does your organization conduct a candidate experience survey? #SourcingChat

         A7 We do During offer process and Post Joining Feedback & also feedback sheet on each

         weekend interview event #sourcingchat

          A7) No, but not sure if companies would want to invest in #candidate_experience #sourcingchat

          Q. 8 Bottom-line - Is candidate experience - A need or a buzzword #SourcingChat

          @SourcingAdda A8) It’s a Need & don’t make it Buzzword #SourcingChat

          @SourcingAdda A8. Both need and Buzzword #SourcingChat

A closer look into these tweets surprised us as there were a lot of views expressed of which a few were similar to ours. That was quite impressive and interesting too. If you’ve enjoyed these tweets and want to know more then follow @SourcingAdda.

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