Tuesday, Feb 17 MagicMethod Phone Sourcing Class Chat Log

Best Remark of the Day
“The historic volumes of use of social networks since the downturn is really focusing functionality into the technology…the ethics are just now starting to pop up ...it will be interesting to see the generic response evolution.” ~ jayson seymour
12:01pm Maureen Sharib Welcome sourcers to the MagicMethod Phone Sourcing class chat - today's class subject is about what we can do to keep our sourcing skills sharp!
12:03pm Recruiting Animal Just call up companies for fun and see how good you are
12:03pm Maureen Sharib ...these days when there's so little staffing work.
12:03pm Maureen Sharib Anyone?
12:03pm Maureen Sharib That's one way RA. ;)
12:03pm Recruiting Animal Thats' ideal mo there's no pressure
12:03pm Maureen Sharib But I have a bad habit. I like to get paid for my time. ;)
12:04pm Recruiting Animal I thought this was about skill perfection
12:04pm Maureen Sharib There's always pressure if you're a Type A personality. You carry the cross along w/ you wherever you go. ;)
12:04pm Maureen Sharib Okay - I'll go first. I'm doing some database "checking" for a couple far-sighted customers. They know this thing is gonna end and they want to be positioned. To that end we are "cleaning up" their databases on an hourly basis and getting paid (per name) when we add new names with correct titles. Anybody else doing anything like this? There are a lot of corrections needed in databases, especially after this firing tsunami we've experienced. It's not as hard as sourcing "right on" - meaning when we don't have any names to "get in" with - so we're charging LESS on the per name refreshment piece (as long as we're contracted to replace 50 names or more). With someone's database it's easier to approach those testy gatekeepers - anyone know what I mean? If you "have a name" going in what are the possibilities?
12:10pm Dean Lockett If we're practicing to keep our skills honed, I like to go to LayOff reports and start calling into those companies for something I'm actively looking for. These are easy targets and usually responsive on the other end.
12:11pm Maureen Sharib Dean -LayOff reports - can you 'splain?
12:11pm Dean Lockett You can set up RSS feeds on engines for layoff reports
Check announcements daily
12:12pm Alice Owens Here at Kaiser I am keeping my skills sharp by working on building our Executive Pipelines using layoff reports
12:12pm Dean Lockett When you see a firm laying off, they usually state what depts are affected
12:12pm Maureen Sharib Another layoff report - can you explain?
12:13pm Maureen Sharib Alice - how do you use the info?
12:13pm Dean Lockett Don't go to LinkedIN or Job boards or outplacement boards, just hoover the company and cold call
12:13pm Maureen Sharib Dean - can you walk us thru a scenario?
12:14pm Alice Owens I receive the report and hit the websites for biographies and then do cold calls
12:14pm Maureen Sharib This is interesting...But is it for mostly upper levels?
12:14pm Dean Lockett Here
12:14pm Dean Lockett There is one
12:15pm Alice Owens yes - the name Kaiser opens a lot of doors
12:15pm Maureen Sharib How do you specifically use that info Dean?
12:15pm Dean Lockett HR Live is one too
12:15pm Dean Lockett or Yahoo Layoff reports
12:15pm Maureen Sharib It sure does Alice. So Alice you're after upper levels usually?
12:16pm Dean Lockett It identifies company layoffs, location, # of employees affected and sometimes what depts or levels
12:16pm Dean Lockett Go to Hoover or google the company, get their number
12:16pm Alice Owens yes - Directors, VP's, Sr. VP's, COO's , CNO's
12:16pm Maureen Sharib So knowing what depts are being impacted sets you off on a hunt for those that are being laid off Dean?
12:17pm Dean Lockett Can be, could call into those depts to get leads to others if needed - If they are laying off, people are more free to give leads
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