Upfront or Rude? Is "online me" just plain mean?

Still focusing on candidate experience, I began thinking today about communication style and its role in developing relationships with candidates. My train of thought was de-railed by visions of the application of this question in my newer pursuits of social networking for recruiting. Social media has added a whole new layer to communication with potential recruits in our industry. But this doesn’t mean that the skills we’ve all honed to deal with people via all of our other modes of communication aren’t still viable and in fact, more necessary than ever.

While social networking mediums afford us opportunities that we perhaps would have missed out on otherwise to see and be seen, the human factor is never far out of mind. Discussion of the topic gets heated, some very on board with these fascinating tools, others comfortable with the successes they have proved with simply the phone. But one thing holds true, no matter the tools we use for connecting with people, this business is – very simply – just about the people.

Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others have allowed me an opportunity to connect with people in a way that I never would have thought would be so beneficial. I’m finding that people have an openness about them when connecting in these fashions that I don’t always get when calling them on the phone. Strange that on the phone you are simply a voice, but online, you are suddenly human… Some will argue that this is all about how you use the phone, and maybe they are right. But isn’t it all about what works well for us personally anyway?

So back to communication style. I’ve always found my rather upfront and brisk communication style (via phone and face to face) to work well for me, never had trouble connecting with people in such a way that establishes a good rapport and perhaps an even stronger, longer lasting relationship which is mutually beneficial. But what about when the rapport is to be built electronically? Does “upfront and brisk” become “abrupt and rude”?

Goodness, I hope not… But maybe I should be taking a closer look at that as I examine my recent improvements to the candidate experience…

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Comment by Maureen Sharib on December 9, 2008 at 9:19am
This is a powerful and meaningful subject -I hope you get lots of discussion on it!
Comment by Dan Nuroo on December 9, 2008 at 7:35pm
Great subject... I think the sharp, pointed responses can get mis-interpretted at times, as Amanda says you cannot read tone in emails (jokes and sarcasm seems to get lost on line). I have been caught by this a number of times.

I think on-line communication, specifically in on-line networks is a lot more human, by that I mean, conversational, not as "professional" as other forms of communication.. however it is written, so people can keep what you say officially on file, so I'd say casual with a bit of guardedness, would be my favoured way.


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