Venture into The Rewarding Career of an Oil And Gas Engineer

The best way to describe a career in oil and gas engineering is to call it adventurous and rewarding. The oil and gas industry is growing and this growth has boosted the requirement of good and efficient oil and gas engineers. There is a steady rise in the need of energy resources around the world. This means the industry requires skilled candidates. Those employed in the roles of oil and gas engineer need not be concerned about job security and stability with a generous compensation package.

No matter the high demand of engineers in this field, it is worth mentioning that there is scope for competent and qualified candidates only. Employers will never compromise when it comes to quality during employment. Therefore, those who are under-performed cannot grab a golden opportunity. You have to survive cut-throat competition and come through with flying colours.

If you are aiming a career in the oil and gas industry, you have to obtain relevant qualifications. Put in your best efforts to secure good grades in the examinations. This will keep you ahead of others. Certain interpersonal skills are also required to excel in this field. We will learn about them in the following. Self-assessment is a good tool to find out whether you have the skills vital to success in this field.

Let’s find out about the qualifications and skills required for gas heating engineering jobs.

Academic Qualifications Required

For a career in the oil and gas engineering, a degree in petroleum engineering is preferred most. A degree in chemical engineering or mechanical engineering is also acceptable. In case you have already acquired a degree in electrical engineering and you want to become an oil and gas engineer, there is nothing to worry. Many employers do not have any problem in recruiting such candidates provided they have a good understanding of petroleum engineering. You may choose to do a short-term course in this field or gain hands-on experience in another department in this industry.

While a four-year bachelor’s degree is sufficient for an entry-level employment, you will require obtaining a master’s degree to progress further.

In case teaching profession interests you, you can take venture into this job in this field. For that, you have to acquire a doctoral degree which will prepare you to apply for the role of a lecturer in a university.

Necessary Skills

Skills that are necessary for success in oil and gas engineering jobs are listed as follows:

  • Adaptation skills
  • Prompt decision-making skills
  • Research skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Managerial skills

These are the academic qualifications and skills essential for this role.

With these qualifications and skills, you can apply for oil and gas engineering jobs. At the initial stage of your career, you will be needed to fulfil your responsibilities under the guidance and training of a senior engineer. This will prepare you well and you will be able to cater to the requirements of the oil and gas industry efficiently. Keep an eye on the job vacancies in the leading companies and firms. Look online and go through the leading newspapers and magazines. You can also locate suitable job opportunities by consulting a reputed recruitment firm.

Working conditions

When it comes to working conditions in the oil and gas industry, there are variations. You need to be prepared to work in various settings, for instance, on an offshore rig or even in an office setting. That is why, employers put so much emphasis on the capability to adapt to different conditions in aspiring oil and gas engineers. Overseas recruitment is very common in the oil and gas industry. Working beyond the usual working hours is quite natural. You must prepare yourself to travel abroad for work and develop the ability to adjust in various situations. If you are physically fit and mentally strong, unpredictable working hours will not pose any problem for you.

If you wish to touch the heights of the profession, you should increase your knowledge base with continuing education. 

Hope, the aforementioned information will help you a shape a successful career in the oil and gas industry. Work hard, keep focus and fulfil your career aspirations. Best of luck for your career!

Daniel Smith is a recruitment expert. He shares tips and advices on job vacancies in his blogs. He is also a freelance writer who writes on topics like different jobs in the oil and gas industry. While writing on these topics he takes inspiration from

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