Want a sure way to increase sales, productivity and Company Image? Invest in Recruitment.

Hello Congress, Obama and the World Markets! The answer to a company, country or world's success is right in front of you. Invest in People...you heard it for free and it didn't cost you a bail out, or a deficit. Hire talented recruitment professionals to identify jobs, hire talent, and grow productivity.

With the right leadership hire, business and services increase, productivity sours, and oh yeah that GNP might actually increase!!!!

Its more than Labor Economics, its branding, effective results driven recruitment, and best of all ethical. Recruit Ethical Leadership and you recruit winners for long term...Recruit talented ethical engineers you build better bridges wrap it up with superior compliance folk and you have a new economy!

How do we do this...invest in HR and in particular recruitment with industry recruiters. Don't appoint politicians to evangelize jobs, and designate people, Assign recruiters to workforce plan, analyze needs, and point to growth industries. A knowledgeable recruiter can snoop out ethical competencies in a CEO, and an ethical recruiter will tell the truth! Just imagine if AIG had to be interviewed by a board of Recruitment Professionals instead of politicians to get the bail out monies.

Our Team would have asked for letters of agreements, proof of income, a list of references, and oh yeah probably would have replaced your entire executive team...but then again...that is professionalism. Confidence in Markets starts when people have jobs, and when people believe in and trust the leaders of companies, businesses and the world.

Lets not only create jobs, lets improve the hiring of our leaders and that talent into those jobs, by investing in Recruitment.

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