What do you get from a job besides a paycheck?

When you are evaluating a new position, one of the first thing you should ask yourself is:  What will I get from this job besides a paycheck?  There are several things you want to look at as you evaluate new positions.

  • Does this role provide the opportunity to develop my career?
    •  Is the job content in line with what I want to be doing
    • Make sure you understand what you will be working on, and what your role on the project is.
  • Is the work I am going to be doing marketable?
    •   When I decide to change jobs again, is the work I am doing and the company I am working for respected in the job market?
    • Believe it or not, when I speak with hiring managers, they tell me they don't want to see resumes from XXX company.
  • Are the companies values and corporate philosophy in line with mine?
    • Ask during the interview, what are the companies core values.  Ask them if they are public statements.  Many companies, such as Intuit, have their values and cultures displayed for everyone to see and be evaluated against.  http://careers.intuit.com/customer-care/values-culture
  • Will the work/life balance be in line with what my lifestyle demands?  
    • Is this company going to give me the flexibility to work the hours that I am most productive?  Many people are most productive in the morning, and tend to train off in the late afternoon, others tend to come in later and work later. Which one are you?
  • Am I going to be challenged?
    • Is the work I am going to be working on interesting to me?
    • Will it get my "mental juices" flowing?
    • Is there someone in my new group that I can learn from?
  • Did the people I interviewed with seem happy in their roles?
    • Did you get a sense of passion for the work from the people you interviewed with
    • Were they excited about what they were working on?
    • Did you pick up on any negative attitudes?
  • Are my ideas going to be respected and valued?
    • Is it an open environment?
    • Can I feel comfortable questioning why they do things they way they do?
    • Do they encourage new ideas?

Let's face it, you work for a paycheck.  Everyone does.  The other factors that impact a job can be the difference between staying several years at a job, and just staying long enough that it doesn't look like a bad decision on your resume.

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Comment by Tim Spagnola on February 1, 2012 at 10:41am

Paul - a great list here. Thank you for sharing it. Are my ideas going to be respected and valued? - I feel this one is so important. It is a competitive job market and I understand how this might rate low for some given their specific situation, but one of the most rewarding work experiences that I had in my career was being part of a firm that I felt truly listened and respected the ideas that I shared with upper management. In fact several ideas I shared were later adopted by the entire company as a result of them being open to apply that important skill of listening.

Comment by Greg White on February 3, 2012 at 8:16am

A huge factor falls under Did the people I interviewed with seem happy in their roles? Why would anyone want to work with/for you otherwise. This will become more important as Millennials' presence in the work force grows.


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