If you are not already aware, Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world. They have over 1 billion monthly active users and you can use this huge volume of traffic to enhance your recruitment, engage more clients and attract more candidates.

What we have learnt here at Online Resourcing is that the use of social media in recruitment is a very special opportunity that every company, whether big or small, should take advantage of.

When dealing with recruitment the use of social media can prove to be both an efficient and effective measure. Trust us when we say that it’s no coincidence that more and more companies are using Facebook recruiting to their advantage.

Here are some of the reasons as to how Facebook recruiting will prove to be beneficial for your organisation.

Gain More Traffic in Recruitment

Recruiting through Facebook will gain more applicant traffic for your company jobs. We know job boards, blogs and websites are always available but Facebook possesses an entirely huge bulk of internet users that these other mediums just fail to provide.

If done right, more people will come across your recruitment posts on Facebook than on any other platform. For a potential recruit it’s always easier to apply to a job posting on Facebook and connect with your business as opposed to other channels. With that in mind, you’re already at a competitive advantage compared to those who aren’t recruiting on Facebook.

Create a Diverse Recruitment Pool

When you recruit through Facebook you are given the opportunity to select from a world’s worth of talent to help your business succeed. Traditional recruitment methods can only get you so far. Facebook takes recruitment to a whole new level by giving you the opportunity to fill positions for your specific needs

Boost Your Company’s Image

When your organization/company engages in Facebook recruitment, it goes to show that your company is flexible and willing to adapt to the calls of time. This is something that your potential candidates will notice and will certainly find attractive in a potential employer. This reputation will help your company grow by attracting some of the best and brightest minds to help further your company’s market status.

Increase Employee Referral Activity

It’s so much easier for your employees to participate in referral activities through Facebook Recruiting. Facebook gives your employees the opportunity to have a simple and accessible way of referring contacts to your business with sharing and messaging features. Your employees can serve as a very special resource especially when you can maximise their networks as well.

Establish Personal Connection with Job Seekers

When attracting recruits and job seekers through social media, your company is engaging with these people on a much more personal level as opposed to them finding a job recruitment advert on a job board. These recruits are more likely to choose the job opportunity with a more personal approach to recruitment.

Increase Brand Awareness

When your company engages in Facebook recruitment, you’re also inadvertently increasing your brand’s presence in your industry. Studies have shown that people will tend to trust brands more when they are socially active on Facebook and other social media sites.

Recruit Faster

With traditional job postings you distribute your jobs and wait for the candidates to apply for your job opportunities. Facebook adverts provide you the opportunity to reach people who can suit your hiring needs, faster than ever before. With Facebook, your company can recruit at a better pace by attracting potential recruits effectively.

Attract Passive Candidates

Most of the time, the most talented potential recruits aren’t really aggressive in the pursuit of their careers. Facebook recruitment gives you the opportunity to actually come in contact with these passive applicants and tap them to join your organization. Sometimes, the greatest minds are the hardest to find. Fortunately, Facebook has made it easier for us to find them especially with the ad targeting features.

Cost Effectiveness

Facebook can provide you with an infinite network of potential recruits and the added bonus is that it’s not too heavy on the wallet either.

Facebook Recruiting can bring so many benefits to your company that exceed traditional recruitment limitations. Engaging in Facebook for recruitment can help your company branding, increase referrals and job traffic and so much more. Here at Online Resourcing we have the expertise to use Facebook in a creative and effective way, enhancing your recruitment strategy.