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Why Use An Executive Search Firm?

If you have a high level position that you are trying to fill, it may be worth considering bringing in an executive search firm. Our sister company Adderley Featherstone specialise in recruiting people for board and senior management positions and have being doing so since 1991.

Adderley Featherstone identify and recruit the right people for the modern business…


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Job Seekers Prefer to Apply Through a Dedicated Careers Site

Today’s job seeker wants direct and personalised information and communication. Companies are responding to these needs with matching tools, online assessments, blogs and videos to help job seekers self-identify. These findings underline the fact that most applicants are looking for a career and not for a job.

Candidates expect companies to they show their know-how…


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Can we really use Snapchat for recruitment?

As mobile technology is rapidly changing, so is how people communicate and how they search and apply for jobs. Recruiters constantly need to adapt and work harder than ever to capture the ever decreasing attention span of job seekers.

Social media has proved to be one of the popular ways of doing so, particularly with job advertising and employer branding. The use of…


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Open New Advertising Channels

Google AdWords is the biggest pay per click advertising platform online and is used by thousands of businesses across every sector to promote products and services to millions of individuals. We have found companies wishing to recruit employees are not utilising it for this function. We can’t help but feel companies are missing an opportunity to…


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Recruitment Software - The Key for Any Successful Recruiter

HR software is considered to be at the centre of an efficient and productive HR department. Your recruitment software must be able to do more than just handle the hiring of employees.

Choosing good recruitment software is an integral part of an entire business and will streamline all of its HR functions, supporting all of your recruitment and HR work processes in your…


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Make Effective Content Part of Your Recruitment Strategy

With 71% of UK jobseekers using Google to search for a job it is critical for any employer to enhance their position in search engine results pages (SERPs). The future of successful online recruitment is undoubtedly the creation of compelling corporate careers content. It is imperative that a company has a talent…


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The Battle To Recruit The Best Staff Available Is Getting Tougher

With unemployment rates dropping, the battle to recruit the best staff available is getting tougher. It is now more important than ever that employers have the tools to attract, identify and hire the best talent as efficiently as possible.

Many employers are already using, or thinking about using, recruiting software such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help…


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Companies Are Buying Applicant Tracking Systems. Does Your Business Need One?

There is currently a recruitment technology revolution happening. As technology has become more affordable, businesses of all sizes have begun using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline their recruitment process.

Of those that use an ATS to filter CVs, we…


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How to Attract In Demand Candidates

The recruitment industry has undergone a dramatic shift over the past decade. The rise of Facebook and Twitter has given recruiters the opportunity to engage with candidates directly. Here at Online Resourcing our focus is on adding value for our clients as well as attracting top candidates. Through…


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Are You Spending Too Much Time On Admin, When You Should Be Talking To Candidates?

Are you still managing your recruitment using spreadsheets and email? Are you a hiring professional working in a small or mid-sized business? When your organisation decides to start hiring are you paralysed with the fear of being buried under piles of CVs?

The process of reviewing CVs, interviewing candidates and hiring can be…


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Why Your Business Needs An Applicant Tracking System

Time is a precious commodity. We simply don't have the time to do every task manually and if we did, who would really want to anyway?

If you work in recruitment you probably receive hundreds of CVs and/or applications a day, but how many of those immediately grab your attention prompting you to invite them for interview? My guess is not a…


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Recruiting With Facebook - The Stats You Need To Know!

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and is getting bigger. It is far too frequently misunderstand by the recruitment industry.

Sure it might not be LinkedIn and so people will not just be using it for work and updating their job details on there. But with over a billion monthly active users can you afford to ignore it as a recruiter?

Facebook is…


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Using Google Plus for Recruiting

Google Plus is a hidden treasure trove for recruiters and yet it is still largely undiscovered by many recruiters.

Many people write it off with the belief that no one actually uses Google Plus. Well that’s not quite true.

Google Plus is integrated into Google search results so if a candidate is on this platform – or any other Google platform – then chances are…


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How To Get Noticed In Your Field

Throughout your career you will be judged on your credibility to handle the opportunity at hand.

Potential future employers and contacts who you are looking to work with you will be evaluating you and deciding if it is worth spending time with you.

Investors will be assessing your ability to grow an idea to a scalable relevant business. It will be as much about…


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How An Applicant Tracking System Can Save You Money

The popularity of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is growing and not just for large companies. Small and medium sized companies are looking to advance their HR departments as well. But there has to be a good combination of human and computer interaction. Automation is the current trend in HR and recruiting. How effectively do you use your Applicant Tracking…


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Why does your company need its own dedicated careers site?

Your career website is your opening to a world of potential candidates. As one of your company’s primary sourcing tools, it provides visitors with a complete picture of your company. If done in an interesting and user friendly format, your website can act as a branding magnet.

A successfully built and committed…


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Why aren’t more employers using PPC advertising for their recruitment?

Google AdWords is the biggest pay per click advertising platform online and is used by thousands of businesses worldwide to promote products and services to millions of individuals and businesses. It is both cost effective and targeted as you only pay for those ads that are clicked on and choose the keywords your ads are shown against.

Although AdWords is…


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Why Your Own Careers Site Is Most Important

Your company careers site should be at the heart of all of your recruiting. Sure it’s important to have a company page on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and many other platforms but these pages should be for distributing quality content. The intent of having a company profile on multiple websites is a good one. However, you must make sure all roads lead back to a…


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Using Twitter for Recruitment

Twitter is a great place to attract the attention of potential candidates yet many people are still unconvinced about using it. Once an advert is posted a tweet can then link to the specific job and be made visible to your followers in an instant. Suddenly followers retweet the link and the job advert reaches hundreds if not thousands of people in a single…


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How To Stay Sane In Your First Job

Are you fresh out of university? Have you recently graduated and are about to embark on your first career? Are you organised enough and ready for the challenges ahead?

For many graduates, a jam packed schedule can be a real culture shock after finishing university. A typical week suddenly consists of working 9-to-5, as opposed to attending classes for a few…


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