What makes me a smart recruiter?

A brilliant yet (smart) recruiter goes beyond the obvious in qualifying not only the candidate(s) but the client(s) as well. Where some recruiters fall short is in not truly knowing both the client and candidate to make the deal happen.

Now please understand that not all clients and candidates are truthful in acceptance and intentions and/or other offers, etc; now some clients don’t like to share other candidates skill sets (ranking in better qualified candidates) in the process. A “brilliant” recruiter will not only have candidate control, but more importantly “client control.”

I recently was in a situation working with a recruiter that had no client control, along the process of several spaced out interviews for a senior level position I noticed that the recruiter was only communicating through emails and texts with the key decision maker.

This was the client perferred method of communication; now imagine trying to take the clients temperature in order to properly evaluate your candidate’s position and their (clients) real level of interest with the candidate and ranking.

A Smart and Brilliant recruiter must have the ability to effectively communicate with the client in order to move or sway the client in hiring your candidate right?

Client trust and client loyalty are keen in making such deals, had the recruiter been able to properly take the clients “temperature” through open honest communication he/she might have been able to get a better read and in most cases identify where their candidate was along in the process, it would have also given the recruiter the ability to get a heads-up and target exactly where their candidates were falling short; and in some cases be able to perhaps referred a better “matching candidate” verses losing the deal altogether.

Happy New Year and Smart, yet brilliant recruiting


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