I'm not exactly one to break my arm patting myself on the back too much, but strive to work smarter all the time. The following are some of the reasons why I feel I am a smart recruiter.

Keeping my ATS up to date keeps track of candidates, interviews, etc. This is not the area in which I work hard to be organized. I strive to make sure I have control over the flow of my day as much as possible. I keep track of when I know I am most productive. During those times I schedule totally uninterrupted sourcing. I know I can focus and will find far more good candidates as a result. I also make sure to keep track of my tasks in order of most urgent to least so I always know where I'm at relative to ongoing projects.

Although it may seem contrary to my first point, I try to maintain a great degree of flexibility. When you deal with people for a living things can change at absolute light speed. A smart recruiter understands that deadlines will change, job descriptions will be re-written, candidates will renig on accepted offers, and budgets will be altered. Being truly flexible means rolling with the punches, not getting flustered, and working with the hand you're dealt.

I try to always keep in the front of my mind my relationship with the person or people I interact with. As a result I am ever mindful of how I conduct myself and how I treat other people. I strive to be respectful in every interaction and remember that I am dealing with another human being and there is a reason why the act the way they do! Keeping this in mind, I want to form strong, meaningful, trusting relationships with my candidates, customers, and peers in all things that I do.

I've got them in spades. As a corporate recruiter I am the frontline of communication to the outside job-seeking world. I am the first contact they have, I am the advocate for them, I am their advisor, and I tell them what the job is. During this process I am almost bursting with pride and excitement for my company, they job they are applying for, and the prospect of being an employee with my company! I am ALWAYS excited about my company's direction, business, outlook, philosophy, and culture. After all, if I can't get somebody excited to work here, then why the heck am I recruiting them?!

I eluded to this in my relationship section, but I hold myself to very high standards of professionalism. I stand by my word, and do all I can to ensure that what I say is honest, true, and respectful.

Last but not least is what I know, or more accurately what I don't know. If I am handed a job description and don't know what the person does, how they do it, what the acronyms mean, or what other companies use such people I will do as much research as I need to fully understand what I'm working on. In addition I do my best to make sure I know our benefits inside and out so I can intelligently discuss them with candidates. However, if I get stumped, I admit I don't have the answer but I promise to find it, and I do just that.

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