What makes me a smart recruiter......

1. I realize this is a game of "finding" not "creating".

A lot of recruiters pay lip service to the old "round hole, square peg" line about the business, but only the ones who get it know deep down that this is a game of finding, not creating. There is a right job for every person and a right person (or more appropriately, right persons) for every job. I drive my business by focusing on finding the right fit, not trying to make what I have in hand fit.

2. I'm empathetic.

I believe it is absolutely critical to be able to put yourself in other people's shoes in this business, all of the other people. So we strive to put ourselves in the shoes of the client, understanding what they are looking for....in the shoes of the candidate, understanding what they are looking for.....in the shoes of our partners, understanding the work that they are doing, what they are experiencing, and what they are looking for. This is a business where everyone wins, or everyone loses. We're all on the same side of the table so seeing things from the other perspectives in the process is extremely important. This enables us all to be far more efficient in creating an everyone wins scenerio.

3. I always have a positive attitude.

All we have is our skills and our time. Any second wasted on worry or disappointment is just wasted time. We all know that every deal won't close and that there is naturally some effort in the process that seems wasted. However, the only thing that goes on the scoreboard are the successes, so always keeping your attitude positive and moving forward with positive expectation is the way to be most efficient. Attitudes, both positive and negative, are contagious. So I alwasy keep a positive attitude to make sure that I'm not wasting time and so I'm not wasting others' time and efforts.

4. I understand the "Law of Concentration".

This one is so important, so misunderstood, and becoming a much bigger deal as communication evolves. You will be much more successful becoming Great at one thing than becoming good at a number of things. Whether it is focus on business development and client management like I do or focusing on a certain industry or method of recruiting, pouring our efforts primarily into one portal and developing Greatness in that one area creates the most success. Picture the rose bush with many buds, versus the rose bush where all but one bud is pruned. The concentrated bush will provide the biggest and most beautiful rose because all of the nutrients all of the effort is pushed in that one direction.

5. I never stop learning and working to improve.

Recruiting has changed so much in the last 5 and 10 years and it promises to keep evolving with all that is going on. Now with a very challenging employment market where only the strongest will survive, it is critical that the smart recruiter keep learning and keep tweaking their system to improve it. I do things now in my business that a short time ago I had no thought of. I continue to read, network with others int he business, and consider every idea I can get my hands on to improve the business.

These are the top 5 things that make me a smart recruiter.

Todd Kmiec

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Comment by Kumar Bodapati on December 29, 2008 at 4:40pm
I am so impressed with your Tips, very positive and encouraging. thanks a lot Todd.


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