What makes you more employable in 2010 # 10 Dependability/Reliability

To make you more employable in 2010 today we are discussing trait #10 - Dependability/Reliability.

Dependability is a characteristic that shows the reliability of a person to others. What makes you dependable or reliable to others is integrity and honesty; this is what allows others to trust what you say or do.

Dependability is the first step towards building a trusting working relationship. As a dependable professional, you should be able to complete your assignments on time and without constant supervision. Dependable people keep any commitments made and show up early if needed and are prepared to give when required.

We at SMStheJob recognise the fact that dependable or reliable employees get early promotions and they are usually not affected by downsizing.

Dependability is not only about punctuality, it is your commitment and trust that makes you an important asset for your organization.How dependable are you is an interesting article that identifies the importance of dependability in the professional life.

Employers, while recruiting people for important positions, look not only for the technical skills but also some key personality traits, including dependability. Employers recognise that employees are apart of their personal brand, and if you are not reliable this reflects back on them and their brand. You should be able to convey your recruiter that you are a person whom he can count on.

If you are thinking about a job or career change then it is the best time to assess and improve your dependability traits!

Home work …

Go through sample interview questions by Human Resource Services, this includes list of questions that your interviewer could ask, to judge your dependability traits along with other skills.

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