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Friday, June 25, 2010

What Stops People From Becoming Entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur, I am always
observing people and thinking about how they could put their own talents
to work for themselves. It puzzles me to see so many talented
people giving their time to employers that could care less about them.

I have observed many people from all different fields, posting their
resumes on job boards, attempting to sell themselves and their
incredible talents to an employer.....

Look at some of the phrases I have observed:

-"Given my strengths in managing day-to-day operations...."

-"Highly-skilled Senior-Level Customer Service and Relationship Manager with a wealth of experience in...."

-"Seeking a suitable position that utilizes my years of industry experience and skills, to exceed company

-"Strong leader in discovering, developing, negotiating, and managing regions,
teams, and enterprise accounts...."

-"If you are looking for a leader that is an ambitious self-starter, give me a call and let's discuss how we can
grow your organization...."

-Sales people explaining how they have increased sales and profits for previous employers.

-Customer service people explaining the value they bring to the table and how
effective they are in resolving customer service issues

-Offers to exceed company goals and grow your organization.

-Successful managers & people with incredible leadership skills.

WHY then, are these individuals not developing their own businesses? They
clearly have the skills for success. I also take the opportunity to
talk to these type of individuals and ask them if they have thought of
putting their skills towards starting their own business. It is
absolutely shocking how few have considered, or would consider this
option. Society is so conditioned that the only way to earn a living is
to work for an employer. This is what is taught by educators, family,
friends, the media - "get a good job".

This thinking is based on fear, limiting beliefs and past conditioning. Society is so
conditioned to buy into "security", and believe they can't survive
financially without a steady paycheck. When I look at these
statements that employee's are making to sell themselves to an employer,
it reminds me how important it is to realize the value we all have.
We are all capable of utilizing our skills to build our own
businesses....clearly these individuals that posted the statements above
are talented, creative and valuable. Unfortunately throughout
their lives they have been brainwashed to believe that the only way they
can put these skills to work is to sell their lives to an employer for
an hourly wage, and sacrifice their freedom of time.

I challenge everyone reading this post to really search within....make a list of all
the things you are good at, have knowledge or expertise in, the things
you love and are passionate about. Take the time to make this list in
detail. Now, look over that list, realize how talented YOU are and
ask yourself, why I am I being told what time to go to work, when to
take my holidays, what clothes I must wear to work, whether I can stay
home with my children if they are sick...why am I settling for the pay
level I am at, waiting for a promotion, or stuck at a dead-end job with
no room for growth. I would bet it is because someone, somewhere,
told you this is how it is supposed to be, and of course most people
around you are stuck in the same thinking, and when you are surrounded
by people that think that same way, then you believe it must be true.

If you are willing to step out of your conditioned thinking, your comfort
zone, and entertain a new way of thinking, you will learn that there are
other options available to you, if you have an open mind. There is
something that you can do for yourself with the
interests/skills/training/knowledge you have acquired. Stop selling
yourself short....realize there is an entrepreneurial
idea within you that you are fully capable of being successful
with! If you don't know where to start....if you have the desire,
but just need a solid business model you can follow, contact me
directly...I assist individuals in setting up their own "business in a
box". Either way, I wish you the best in unleashing the entrepreneur that is within you, just
waiting to come out!

In your service,

Debbie Ruston
1-800-576-2917 or

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Comment by Paul Alfred on July 9, 2010 at 4:18pm
Wooo Debbie I admire your passion in seeing the entrepreneur in everyone - last time I checked launching a business requires knowing a few basic things outside of your unique personal skills like: Is there a market for my widgets or service and if there is, are my widgets or service unique enough? What are the barriers of entry? Can 1000 people duplicate my business or its me and few others and what makes me better... ? Oh yea, can i afford to leave Steady paycheck to risk a) Putting up equity, or b) Dumping my savings, c) Can I get a business loan .. d) how long will it take for me to break even ... Do I need a business plan and Financials ..?

There is so much to consider outside of " I think I have skills to be an entrepreneur ...."
Comment by Debbie Ruston-TheSuccessEducator on July 9, 2010 at 4:48pm
Thanks Paul....you are absolutely right. The basic skills are one thing, however, what I have found most lack is the "mindset" for success. Friends/family, existing co-workers, etc, that give their "best" advice, which is often "you are going to do WHAT?" This is often the stopper for so many, because it reactivates the fear that many have about taking this step. Society is so conditioned to play it safe and not take risk and to stay within the comfort zone. In reality the comfort zone is the dead zone...when we are not learning, growing and stepping out of the comfort zone we are really stagnating, or losing ground. When you are willing to step outside of the comfort zone, and let go of the internal monkey chatter, and the well meaning advice from people that are also working as employees, and start trusting your own inner voice, and following in the steps of other successful entrepreneurs, that is where growth happens..... Thanks for your comments Paul!
Comment by Paul Alfred on July 9, 2010 at 5:01pm
Yes I agree ... Taking that first step is not easy when you're comfortable - I just feel that people looking at making this leap need to think through things carefully....
Comment by Rajesh Kumar on July 10, 2010 at 4:59pm
Fantastic Article, Debbie. I suppose that often a lack of access to critical support services is a big entry barrier. Most talented folks would take up the challenge if they don't have to get pulled down by the burdens of setting up and running a small business. As an independent recruiter I struggled with this and that led me, many years later, to co-found this business which reduces - it can't eliminate - some of that risk / burden and help incubate new businesses by providing comprehensive back-end services at a very affordable price.


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