What the Modern Job Seeker Looks for in a New Company

The modern job seeker is usually someone of a younger generation, and there's plenty of information available highlighting how these new professionals approach employment and what they tend to expect from employers. Millennials are used to an internet age, a recession, and more professional adaptability. They might need or require different benefits than your older staff. You want to recruit the right workers, but how do you get them interested? With that said, here are four things modern job seekers look for before applying to a new company, whether a veteran or a recent graduate. 

Offer Opportunities to Learn and Grow
In an economy where the job market is as competitive as ever and student debt is at an all-time high, the modern job seeker is looking for a company that offers plentiful opportunities to grow both as an individual and as a contributing team member. To help foster a more productive and healthier work environment, today's CEOs must take mind and body into consideration when hiring new employees. In addition to learning skills not included in the job description, many modern job seekers want their companies to offer self-improvement workshops and other related perks. This isn’t a market where a stagnating career is acceptable. Become more competitive and offer more growth both inside and out.

Give Back to the Community
According to a recent poll administered by Fortune, almost two-thirds of people between 18 and 34 years old want to work for a company that gives back to charity. Some of the best ways to do that is within the community your company calls home. Initiate a local food drive during the holidays, encourage employees to volunteer, or sponsor a youth sports team. At the very least, your company can make a monetary donation to an agreed upon charity. 

Pays Top Talent Fairly and Frequently
Although a highly competitive job market is an advantage to the company that wants to pay its employees less than what their worth, it isn't a sound strategy for attracting top talent or retaining it. As tough as times can be, today's job seekers understand their value and won't hesitate to leave a position if they don't feel appreciated. In fact, job-hopping has become more frequent in higher-level jobs, and it's reshaping how companies hire talented individuals and keep them happy. 

Provides a 401K Plan That Rivals the Competition
Believe it or not, there's a big gap between the worst 401K plans and the best ones. The worst companies typically offer to match nothing to a measly 4 percent, while the best ones generally match anywhere from 9 to 15 percent. The best 401K plans also allow employees to invest in them right away without waiting for specified time. Providers like TrueNorth Retirement Services offer many different plans so you’ll have more options as well. When researching a 401k provider, it's important you consider younger workers so today's modern job seekers don't seek employment elsewhere. Otherwise, you might be hurting your bottom-line instead of helping it.

What are some other things modern job seekers look for in a new company? Leave a comment. 

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