If you’re not happy with your current job or the people you work with, don’t put up with it! Begin to look for something else because you don’t deserve or need to be unhappy at the workplace. We spend so much of our life at work that being unhappy will only begin to start impacting on all aspects of your life.


Start to network (use networking websites such as LinkedIn to begin making contact), and if required prepare your resume so it’s ready to send out to hiring managers and recruitment agents.  It is always worth having an up-to-date resume on hand as you never know what opportunities will present themselves to you.


Be proactive about finding a new job. It is very easy to get down about your job so ensure that you set an action plan to begin the process of finding a new one. Creating an action plan will also give you more guidance as prepare your exit strategy.


Tips on what to do if you hate your job:


The world has changed so much in last 10 years. With social networking sites such as LinkedIn (there are now literally hundreds of networking sites online) you actually have access to contact hiring managers or bosses directly where you would have previously never had the opportunity to do so. Utilise social networking sites, but remember to maintain a professional image. This includes a professional picture, professional resume and an overall “professional image”.


Work for yourself

Working for a boss is not everyone’s cup of tea (it’s not most people’s cup of tea!). If you believe you can provide a good or service that will make you money, then don’t be afraid to take that daunting step and start working for yourself. Be your own boss and set your own rules!


Exit Strategy:

Preparing an exit strategy is a key element to beginning the process of leaving your job. As much as you would like to walk into your boss’s office right now and hand in your resignation paper, this may not be the wisest decision. Although you may hate your job, the last thing you need is to be unemployed and without an income. Set yourself a timeframe to leave the job and begin to prepare your job seeking strategy. It may take longer to leave your job, but at least you are making money in your current job while you look for a new one.


If you hate your job, hate your boss or a mixture of both don’t put up with being unhappy. Begin planning on leaving the job and find a new job that will put that smile back on your face!


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Comment by Gavin Redelman on September 14, 2011 at 8:28am
Join in the conversation and share your tips!
Comment by Tim Spagnola on September 14, 2011 at 11:09am

Gavin - glad you mentioned the 'exit strategy'. Too many burn that bridge and the world at times is too small to allow that to happen. Especially if you go out and decide to work for yourself. I feel like some just allow things to simmer till it reaches a boiling point and at times act in the heat of the moment with not looking at the bigger picture.


I do have one question for you though, as a resume writer how do you guide an individual that attempted to go at it and work for themselves only to find (for whatever reason) it was not for them. Let's say for sake of this conversation that this realization is within 90 days. I have had clients in the past, right or wrong, discredit individuals for these failed attempts. I would curious to hear the advice you would offer in this situation.

Comment by Brian K. Johnston on September 14, 2011 at 11:12am
90% of people are not fulfilled in their careers.... Why?  We have been "conditioned" since birth to "follow the herd"... Your Tips are a good start... The last thing you want to do is place yourself or your family in a financial "pickle"... Collect the check, and work after hours (Massive Action) to fulfill your destiny. (We are ALL destined for greatness, BUT the "action" in an entitled society is the issue) Best to ALL, Brian-
Comment by Jennifer Freedberg on September 14, 2011 at 12:37pm
I think this is a good post Gavin.  I've always been a proponent for those who DO something when they are unhappy (with their job or anything else), instead of sitting around talking about it. The only tip I would add is to make sure you've exhausted all efforts with the employer and co-workers you are thinking about leaving.  I think it's important to examine yourself (are you the problem?), your peers (are they the problem?) and your options internally for another position or different work (is the job the problem?) -- many times you can change your situation by being proactive where you are before having to jump ship.  Once you've done everything you can to be sure this current job isn't the one for you, then I say move on to all of Gavin's other tips.  I think the examination process will help you end up working in the right job with the right people, and you may learn a little more about yourself in the meantime!!  Happy hunting, and thanks for the post Gavin!
Comment by C. B. Stalling!! on September 15, 2011 at 11:13am



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