What Type of Recruiters Are Most In-Demand?

Among Human Resources related positions, Recruiter was the second most in-demand, ranking behind HR Manager. Job listings for Recruiters increased 4.5% over the past 30 days when compared to the same time last year, according to data from WANTED Analytics. If companies are hiring Recruiters, it can signal that the industry or economy is doing well and that they're hiring Recruiters to expand their workforce. We reviewed the most commonly advertised Recruiter job titles to find out what specific types of Recruiters are in-demand and what this means for the labor market.

Most In-Demand Recruiter Job Titles

  1. Recruiter
  2. Technical Recruiter
  3. Recruiting Coordinator
  4. Senior Recruiter
  5. Corporate Recruiter
  6. Staffing Coordinator
  7. Information Technology Recruiter
  8. Staffing Specialist
  9. Executive Recruiter
  10. Sales Recruiter

Recruiter was the most frequently advertised job title. Three of the job titles listed refer to specific areas indicating that candidates would be responsible for recruiting that field. These included Technical Recruiter, Information Technology Recruiter, and Sales Recruiter. When we look at the jobs that Recruiters will likely need to source talent for, sales jobs were the most in-demand by employers. Computer (and mathematical) occupations had the 4th most job ads. The number of job openings in both fields was down when compared to last year; however, they're still experiencing high demand in relation to all other occupational categories. Over the past 30 days, there were 1,122,899 sales jobs posted online and 776,975 IT job openings. These are also fields that are known to be hard-to-fill and employers may need more Recruiters to focus on these challenging areas. 

Fields with the Most Demand over the Past 30 Days

08.26.14 Occupation Fields With The Most Demand

On average, Recruiters are likely to be hard-to-fill scoring a 72 on our Hiring Scale (out of a possible 99, with 99 meaning hardest-to-recruit.) Hiring conditions will be especially difficult in metro areas with the most demand for Recruiters. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington (DC), and Dallas had the most recruiting job ads posted online. These cities score between a 66 and 92 on our Hiring Scale, with San Francisco scoring the highest. Only one city ranks higher than San Francisco - San Luis Obispo, CA - scoring a 94. Below is a job volume heat map. Dark orange areas indicate locations with a higher number of job ads. 

Recruiter Job Volume in the US

08.26.14 Job Volume Heat Map For Recruiters


If you happen to be searching for Recruiters in the San Francisco metro area, you may want to consider relocating talent from Riverside, CA. This location presents less challenging recruiting conditions, scoring a 50. Salary can be a tactic for you to use to incentivize candidates and persuade them to make the move to this city. The advertised median salary in Riverside (CA) is $43,400. This is not necessarily the compensation that is agreed upon between employer and employee. It's the amount that is used to attract candidates in job ads. This salary is less than the national average of $50,300. San Francisco's median salary is slightly higher at $55,250. If you are offering or advertising pay that is lower than San Francisco's median salary, you may be able to attract more candidates by increasing the pay listed in your job ad. 

If you'd like more info on these hiring trends, let me know.

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