Skills the Manufacturing Industry Needs and Where to Find Them

In an article discussing how to solve the talent shortage in manufacturing, IndustryWeek said the manufacturing sector is "struggling to attract, hire, and retain talent for roles ranging from skilled production workers, to R&D and big data experts, to operational and business managers." To help manufacturing Recruiters, I examined hiring trends and the best places to recruit candidates that possess some of the skills mentioned in the article. 

Of the skills that we review below, data analysis abilities in the manufacturing sector currently has the highest number of job ads online, according to data from WANTED Analytics.

Business management and robotics followed in demand. Robotics and data analysis job listings appear on job boards and corporate websites for a longer period of time, 49 days (7 weeks.) This is the time it takes Recruiters to post a job ad, collect resumes, and begin the interviewing process. Data analysis had the largest candidate supply with a background in manufacturing. Despite a larger talent pool, this skill set is likely to be the hardest-to-recruit of these attributes. All of these skills are harder to recruit in manufacturing than they are across all sectors. 

Data Analysis (Big Data) Skills  

Data analysis skills in manufacturing score a 65 on our Hiring Sale. Our Hiring Scale considers supply, demand, location, unemployment rates, and salary, among other factors, to calculate a Hiring Scale score. The score ranges from 1 to 99, with 99 indicating hardest-to-fill. To overcome some hiring challenges, Recruiters can look to source or relocate talent from the locations with the best recruiting conditions. For candidates with data analysis skills, these locations have the lowest Hiring Scale scores, meaning less challenging recruiting conditions are likely: Fort Smith (AR), Tucson (AZ), and Huntsville (AL.) 

Locations with the Best Recruiting Conditions for Data Analysis Skills in Manufacturing

09.01.14 Best Locations To Recruit Business Management Skills

Operations Management Skills

In the manufacturing sector, operational management skills score a 53 on our Hiring Scale. Employers are likely to encounter the least difficulty finding talent in Huntsville (AL), Cincinnati (OH), and Knoxville (TN.) These locations score between 18 and 26. The highest Hiring Scale score is likely to be found in Boulder (CO), scoring an 80.

Locations with the Best Recruiting Conditions for Operations Management Skills in Manufacturing

09.01.14 Best Recruiting Conditions For Operational Mgmt Skills

Business Management Skills

The Hiring Scale scores business management skills at a 59. Recruiting is also likely to be the hardest in Boulder (CO), which scores a 92. Employers may want to consider recruiting or relocating candidates from Ogden (UT), Tucson (AZ), and Baton Rouge (LA), all scoring a 22 or lower. 

Locations with the Best Recruiting Conditions for Business Management Skills in Manufacturing

09.01.14 Best Recruiting Conditions For Data Analysis Skills

3D Modeling Skills

Not surprisingly, 3D modeling skills are hardest-to-recruit in the Silicon Valley area. San Francisco (CA) scores a 92, indicating very difficult conditions. Otherwise, these skills are likely to be moderately difficult-to-fill, scoring a 59 on average. Recruiting is likely to be the least challenging in Phoenix (AZ), which scores a 19. Outside the manufacturing sector, you can also consider recruiting talent from Dallas (TX.) This metro area has a larger candidate supply with 3D modeling skills and scores a 39. 

Locations with the Best Recruiting Conditions for 3D Modeling in Manufacturing

09.01.14 Best Locations For Recruiting 3 D Modeling Skills

Robotics Skills

Of the skills we listed, Robotics is the least difficult-to-recruit on average, scoring a 52. However, that doesn't mean that recruiting is likely to be easy. The Silicon Valley area also presents some of the most challenging conditions for robotics skills, scoring an 80. The lowest Hiring Scale score can be found in Orlando (FL.) Riverside (CA) and York (PA) are other alternate locations that you can include in your hiring strategy for sourcing talent. If you can open your candidate pipeline to workers outside of manufacturing, New York presents the largest candidate supply and somewhat favorable conditions, scoring a 33.

Best Locations to Recruit Robotics Skills in Manufacturing

09.01.14 Best Locations For Recruiting Robotics Talent

IndustryWeek makes suggestions to lure candidates to manufacturing companies. These include expanding your outreach to gain access to new talent streams, tapping sourcing agencies, academia, technical institutes, and other sources; using collaborative technologies to lure thought leaders to your company, while respecting their lives and desire to work elsewhere; leveraging the power of your global brand, but also tailor the work environment and experience to local needs and values.

What else do you think manufacturing employers should do to attract candidates?

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