WhatsApp Group Chat - What's lacking in a Recruitment Consultants work and how to fix it?

The Talent Acquisition Industry is constantly evolving so what does that mean for us as fellow Talent Acquisitionist’s? It means we too need to adapt to the changes. Put simply it’s time to stop and find out what aspects need a change for Talent Acquisitionists like your-selves to achieve success.   

After having said that the popular discussion topic was suggested by Srikrishnan from the Bangalore Group that focussed on, “what's lacking in a Recruitment Consultants work and how to fix it?” and here’s what we uncovered…

In the discussion above we’ve covered three important aspects that matter namely, Recruiters, Team Leads and Candidates perspectives. Within the aspects spoken about we also find the pros and cons listed out of Recruiters, Team Leads and Candidates. We’ve even got solutions and suggested improvements for the parties in question. The Cons can be considered as improvements for those of us who are determined to excel at the profession of choice.

As Talent Acquisitionists let’s not compartmentalise roles due to its nature but in fact let’s evaluate the way we as well do things. Once we focus on being a success you open doors to other opportunities with a simple mundane task of developing a learning attitude. So while we’re going through the discussion on Consultant Recruiters let’s evaluate ourselves in the process and be better than we already are. Therefore here are the key pointers that we need to focus on… 

Recruiters Perspective


  • An interview scheduled
  • Requirement / Role understanding and detailed screening is the key to the role of a Recruiter
  • They are career makers and search specialists
  • Recruiters approach to Candidates has to change to a long term relationships driven one


  • Conveying inaccurate information about the job profile to get Candidates to interview
  • Lack of Employee satisfaction
  • Limited exposure to a variety of perspectives
  • Only matching the skills for any profile
  • Consultant should be treated like an employee at an MNC
  • Lack good facilities and not limit their work to making calls
  • JDs and CTC not well defined 
  • Sitting on CV's without feedback even after follow ups
  • Sudden freezing of positions and urgency without any proper communication
  • Unclear communication and lack of confidence
  • Over - commitment and delay in closing Candidates
  • Improper Position Management
  • Lack the understanding of the Corporate Recruiter’s pain area in closing critical requirements 

Team Leads

Pros & Cons

  • Every team lead should set the expectation in terms of perfect profiles
  • What matters are not how many profiles you search but how many suitable profiles you Sourced

Solutions or Improvements

  • Partnering with client and customers to gain clarity in creating relevant JDs
  • Prioritise requirements with the client
  • Be proactive and proactively find out more information about the role vacancy
  • Avoid over commitments to clients
  • Don’t remain only focussed on Targets and Numbers
  • Inculcate skills of empathy and consulting before dealing with Candidates
  • Recruiters need to understand both sides of the coin
  • Establish a direct relationship with the Corporate Recruiter and Recruitment Consultant
  • Corporate Recruiter to understand the requirement themselves before communicating to vendors
  • Understand the revenue impact/billing rates and your organisations charter
  • Corporate HRs should avoid setting expectations in terms of sourced profile but in terms of right profiles.
  • Both types of Recruiters i.e. Corporate or Consultant should have the common understanding that both will benefit only if the Candidate joins.
  • Recruiter’s should have strong convincing skills, be able to articulate well about the job and the organisation they represent.
  • Understand a Candidates right career path by understanding their current roles, responsibilities and future growth.

Candidate Perspective


  • Interviewing for the desired role


  • Candidates not being truthful and immature
  • Bad experience for the Interviewee
  • Only to realise it’s the opposite role they are interviewing
  • Lacking integrity when we speak of companies, Recruiters and Candidates

Now that we’re clear on the aspects that need to be improved let’s implement them as Consultants to make us better Recruiters. And if you’re a Recruiter then you’ve also been a candidate at some point so let’s make the improvements we need to be better at what we do and grow in the process. After all this is the reason for us to have such informative discussions with Thought Leaders in the Talent Acquisition Sphere so that we can enlighten ourselves.

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