When I grow up...I don't know what I want to be or do.

I have been thinking lately and I was wondering if people still have dreams of all the things that they wanted to do or be when they grow up? It seems like people just happens to do the things that they encountered or by chance. I still have dreams of writing a novel, being able to buy lots of people gifts (I love shopping!) having a british short hair kitten, having a motorcycle, having a big hobby room, and the list is too long for this blog.

After reviewing the list of my dreams, ( dreams are another word for goals?) I am reminded that we all need something to believe to motivate us to succeed. So when we help people achieve success in their career search or when we find the right candidate for our client, we in turn get alittle closer to our dreams.

What motivates you? Can I borrow some of your dreams, perhaps my list is not long enough?

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Comment by Steve Howser on May 18, 2010 at 11:20am
Thanks for the question, Sally. When I counsel young people (and sometimes their parents), I tell them that Careers are often times not progressive, and frequently develop by chance. The student can do well in school, had selected a major that suits their interests and skills, and then real life kicked in. The economy may not have provided as many choices for employers or job opportunities, family obligations may have altered the desired work location, or the competition for opportunities was so fierce that they were not as competitive.
Companies still seek best-fit candidates. Even if the student was not an A or B+ graduate, there are positions that the average student will fit into. I have found that the C+ average student, who worked during the school year, is the better candidate for a job that requires certain skill sets other than the ability to retain or regurgitate superfluous information.
Dreams still count. Be perseverant. Push through the obstacles to get where you want to go.
My dream has been, and still is, to help people and build businesses. I am lucky enough to be in a great situation that allows me to do both.


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