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As a recruiter, I know how to make a persuasive argument. All day long I sell candidates on opportunities, managers on candidates and sometimes, everyone on myself! Are you still with me? I have to walk a fine line between them all. It is not my goal to be the used car salesman of recruiting. No cheesy schticks here!

But the fact is, I do have to sell. I have to push. OK, and sometimes I have to make a deal! Here’s a story for you:
I have an outstanding hiring manager who labels himself as “very picky” and he is, indeed, very picky. I respect that. Any recruiter worth her weight knows that quality hires are good for everyone. He is also every bit as stubborn as I am. We get along well. My only complaint is that he can be so picky that I really have to push him to interview candidates. The following is a true conversation with names changed to protect the innocent:

Recruiter: “Hey Bob, Jim Clark applied to your position. I know you have spoken to him in the past. Thoughts?”
Bob: “Oh no! Jim Clark has been stalking me for years. He is not a good candidate for this position or any position in our system! Please protect me from Jim!”
Recruiter: “I can protect you, Bob, but you have to do something for me. I have three strong candidates that you must interview this week and you must give each of them serious consideration for your openings. Then, and only then, will I protect you from the likes of Jim Clark.”
Bob: “It’s a deal. You’re the best.”

So I pushed, I shoved and maybe bartered a little. But in the end, I got what I wanted, the hiring manager knows I have his back, and three good candidates are going to have a shot at working for a really great leader. What’s the moral of this story? Know your manager, know yourself and don’t forget to wear your cape to work in case you are called in to protect the innocent!

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