Where do you stand on the visa issue?

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Comment by Jeff Dahlberg on April 9, 2013 at 5:29am

President Obama in his re-election stated Romney was the outsourcer in chief and he (Obama) was going to become the in sourcer in chief. Funny how easily he was able to use Americans' lack of understanding of this issue against them. I can remember how his followers cheered each and every time he repeated this statement. What was even more ironic was how Romeny attempted to explain the differenc only to quickly retreat knowing he was never going to be able to expalin through the media.

So, do I think this was not going to happen dispite who won? No, US high-tech workers were laid off a few years before in anticipation of this move to in source. This would mean that employers along with lobbyist and the federal government conspired to do this against the best interst of the US citizen and in fovor or big business. I will leave that to yoru own imagination.

Here are some facts to help you wonder:

1. Big business outsourced high tech jobs that were once held by US citizens and pulled us out of a recession when Bill Clinton took office.

2. Company balance sheets never looked better until over seas workers demanded higher pay and better workiing conditions. This combined with Americans putting presure on lawmakers to bring back jobs due to too many lay-offs.

3. High-tech employees were laid off by employers who turned right around and applied for visas. At the same time they re-posted these jobs and turned down thoese who were more than qualified in order to meet the requireemnts of not being able to find skilled help.They use those turn-downs (truthful on not) to justify to imigration the need for visa status workers.

4. These visa holders are then allowed to come here and take the jobs of those who were laid-off without honest justification at pay scales far below that of American workers.

5. They know many would fight this so they hide it in an immigranion bill that looks like it is doing exactally what the American people asked for.

Where is the ASA when it comes to helping the average staffing and recruiting agency? My thought is they are busy spending the money of those they really work for, the mega-agencies who are in bed with the mega-high techs of the world.

Our company will not be hurt nearly as bad as many others but I do realize that what gives power to these type of unethical and corrupt actions is silence on the part of the masses and those who know the difference.


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