Who is Elliott and what type of employment relationships do we offer our workforce?

It could be because most of our work force is self managed...it could be that aunts, uncles, parents and children and multiple generations work at Elliott (when we talk about family sometimes we mean it literally)...it could be the down to earth VP's who's entry level careers and countless hours have paid off as they provide the necessary leadership and produce results. Personally I think the turnover metrics says it best, with less than 1% annually turnnover Elliott Company is able to back it up "it's just a great place to work".

Our employee friendly atmosphere says it all, where "the hometown Walton like greetings of good morning and hello and good night can be heard in our halls " just ask about anyone and most Elliott employees will quickly reply it's a great place to work! With almost 1000 people circulating at our Jeannette headquarters daily from various countries, states and communities, around the globe people extend a friendly "good morning" or "konnichi wa" or "da wa" or "chow" not only to those they know, but also to those they pass in the hall on their morning commute to their office or walking in the halls to our cafe for coffee. Our family-like small town personafication intrigues our visitors and allows for a unique instant comfort level which most admit they are jealous when they compare it to their corporate culture.

Our Global Human Resource team is deeply committed to taking the time to understand our internal customers, departmental goals and managers expectations. Information gathered by Human Resources is shared with candidates under consideration for various roles and responsibilities to ensure they are well informed and understand our committment as well as the role they will play. As self directed teams, our workforce possess an innate understands of the importance of following as well as documenting procedures, individual contributors feel free to share valuable insight (both good and bad) and advisement from the unique perspective only they may possess. This value added individual insight, and up-stream communication channel allows members of management and impacted departments to evaluate, investigate and many times implement work alterations which promote the organizations future success.

As individual contributors we, the employees of Elliott, share a simple but unspoken philosphy of self managed and directed unification, which may be one of the many reasons why we have been so successful for the past 10+ decades. Individuals work independently, but are unified by the end product we produce for our customers. Everyone shares not only the success but also the failures without pointing fingers. The individuals at Elliott share a hectic schedule, full workload and a great deal of responsibility as well as respect for their employer. This is Elliott's work force and legacy. Elliott Engineers and Sales team members travel the globe meeting with customers and genrating business for our manufacturing facility in Jeannette, PA and Sodegaura, Japan.

Our direct competitors are GE, Siemens, Dresser-Rand, Ingersoll-Rand, Alstom, Sulzer, Weir, Man Turbo and Mitsubishi to name a few.

Some attributes that seem to describe our workforce include:

  • an enterprenuerial flair
  • ability to thrive in a self managed environment
  • ability to follow organizational direction as well as develop practical solutions for new and unique situations
  • take ownership of processes and projects and develop process improvements
  • communicate in visual descriptives to express ideas and situations
  • look at a situation wih a "big picture" perspective
  • act in a leadership role as the opportunity presents itself.

If surveyed you will find most Elliott employees are generally: happy to work at Elliott, positive, upbeat, who can agressively manage multiple projects while exhibiting work composure, possess an above average work ethic and a unheard of committment to their employer, Elliott. Candidates who seem to excel in our organization are professional, technically well grounded, globally connected, and have an innate ability to use the technology of tomorrow, today, without sitting through a demanding and rigid training courses.

What else makes us unique may be our ability to weather business cyclical changes as well as a sense of history which is handed down from long standing management mentors to those identified internally as possible organizational successors. Industry competitive salaries, continued education, outstanding health benefits, 401(k) in the US, pension plans in applicable countries, a global network of internal as well as external resources and people who you can call friends on a daily basis. Communication between senior management and staff members is a daily event and shared unilaterally.

At our 102 acre Jeannette, PA campus we have outdoor patio's for summer lunch time bar-b-ques, an on-site credit union, on-site medical services and wellness programs with an on-site R.N., Holiday events and summer picnics, retiree luncheons, recognition luncheons with Tony Casillo, featuring surf & turf in our executive dining center, a Bistro/Canteen area in our engineering products shop floor, pleasant working environment, and the tools necessary to accomplish goals in our main office as well as in remote locations accross the globe.

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Comment by Sally Raade on January 1, 2009 at 4:40pm
Do you have a mentor program? It's like growing your workforce- but I understand that companies don't really do that anymore.
Comment by Penny Sciore Sweigart on January 1, 2009 at 10:02pm
We implemented a program for "Hi-Pots" = newhires that demonstrate high potential for success as identified by our managers. By investing in developing them by not only encouraging external training programs but by pairing them with an in-house resource(s) that they shadow with as well as encouraging them to take on new experiences traveling to trade shows and abroad to visit clients. This seems to be working out well, but only for those managers that identify the candidates and are willing to take the extra time to develop these future leaders.
Comment by Maureen Sharib on January 2, 2009 at 10:55am
They're working for companies!


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