Why Corporate Housing Should be Part of your Recruiting Game

Relocating a new hire is a thrilling, but challenging, time for all involved. The company and team are eager to get their star recruit onboard as fast as possible. But for the employee, they face a major upheaval.

While they may want to focus first on the job, a new employee has a lot of pressing issues to resolve. They may be thinking about things like:

  • How to get a new drivers license or car registration
  • Where they are going to live long term
  • What their spouse will do for work
  • How to get their kids into school and activities
  • How the family pet will handle the transition
  • How to navigate traffic in an unfamiliar place
  • How to find a new doctor

There are so many stresses on an employee when they are relocating. Companies can ease this burden considerably by providing temporary furnished corporate housing for new hires. 

Why Corporate Housing?

Offering corporate housing for relocated employees sends a powerful message - We value your time and want to support you during this transition. It shows that you recognize the change the employee is making for your company, and that you are committed to making it a great relationship.

Corporate housing also offers a level of comfort and convenience that a hotel or vacation rental simply cannot. Corporate apartments feature more space, full kitchens, and most have parking and laundry. When you are relocating, having these obstacles removed can make a big difference.

How to Make Corporate Housing Work for You

When you contact a corporate housing company, know what you can trade off on. Even if you are not certain of what prices to expect, know up front what is negotiable and what is not. If your new hire has pets, make sure the corporate housing company is looking for pet-friendly units. Same goes with parking, number of bedrooms, and location. Knowing the must-haves makes the process easier for everyone.

Look for a company that connects with your goals and your employees. Consider the volume of business you can offer a company and whether that company is willing to work for your loyalty. Ask for referrals from fellow colleagues or connections in the area. 

Be willing to move quickly. In many metro areas, apartments rent the same day they are listed. Some even go within a few hours. When you engage with a corporate housing company, be ready to either forego the chance to review each option, or be willing to respond quickly. 

Set clear expectations with your new hire. Clarify up front how long the housing is paid for. Discuss what type of housing it will be. Talk things through so that no one is surprised. As the end of an employee’s corporate housing contract nears, check in to make sure they are ready to move into a long-term living situation. Discuss extending the corporate housing if appropriate.

Corporate housing can be a game-changer for employees relocating to a new city. It will ease their transition and allow them to focus on work. It also gains you their loyalty and starts the relationship off right. With a little preparation and the right corporate housing company, you can make it a great experience for your company as well.


Ashley Wali is the founder of Jet City Housing, a boutique corporate housing company serving the Seattle and San Francisco communities. Learn more about how to make corporate housing work for you at http://jetcityhousing.com

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Comment by Katrina Kibben on March 4, 2016 at 10:13am

Love this concept and you're right - if there's a focus on sourcing talent from other areas, this is a great way of making a smooth transition. 

Comment by Ashley Wali on March 4, 2016 at 4:03pm

Thanks Katrina! Especially in the tech sectors, relocating talent is almost a requirement to fill all the open positions, but it can lead to so much lost productivity in the first few months if not done right. It's an investment for companies to make, that's for sure, but it can really set the tone for a great relationship.


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