Like most business people, I read a lot of business books. Many I start and never finish, mainly because I feel that the writer doesn’t connect with me.

Of course, many of these book sell in the millions, so they must connect with many people. Just not with me. And, why is that? Is it that I haven’t got the message? Or perhaps, it’s not relevant to the problems I’m currently facing?

I think it’s more than that, and its nothing to do with the book. It’s me.

People are all different

People are by definition all different. We face different issues and believe different things. Yes, many of us strive for the same things in life, but we come at it from different angles. There is, after all, more than one way to skin a cat.

So, why is it me? Well, when I read a new book, particularly one in which the author is trying to teach or help in some way, I need to be able to relate the content to my life. I need to be able to say to myself “yep, I get this”. And unless I am able to relate to the content, it can’t be of use to me.

The authors of these books don’t mind that I don’t always buy into their vision. They publish their thoughts and ideas because they believe in them. They believe in them.

And, what has this got to do with music?

Jimi Hendrix was my childhood musical hero, and still is. He was amazingly talented, arguably the greatest guitarist of our time. And he was also an amazing song writer. The only problem he had was that Jimi had a terrible singing voice. But, Jimi didn’t care. He wrote the songs, and as far as he was concerned he wasn’t going to let anyone else sing them. (In fact, he thought that if his hero, Bob Dylan, could do it, then so could he.)

Jimi Hendrix knew that if he did what he believed in, and did it with enough passion, then others might enjoy it too.

To be a success in sales, you must believe in what you do. You must go to market with a passion for yourself and your service. Without that, no one is going to buy you.

Jimi Hendrix knew that, the many, many authors publishing everyday know that too.

If you are currently trying to push a service that you don’t believe in, then you must stop. Stop, and find something you do believe in. Then, do what Jimi did. Go to market and sell. Sell with passion and belief and people will buy.

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