Why Reading Makes an Employee More Attractive

Reading hosts a myriad of personal benefits and has been acknowledged as one of the most common hobbies among people of all ages. Most successful people such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are readers of nonfiction books. According to the founder and CEO of a successful technology company, CoSMo, reading fiction books helps him forget the problems he faces at works and also enhances his creativity.

Reading both fictional and non-fictional novels improves a person’s skills and broadens his/her thinking, which makes the person a suitable employee that every employer wants to hire. This fact can be supported by several reasons.

Reading Makes A Person More Empathetic

According to a study conducted by the Kingston University, London, reading literary fiction makes the readers more empathetic. Through reading, people start appreciating the complexity as well as diversity in other people’s personalities, emotions, and character. Reading enables the reader to understand the author’s mind, which is a very crucial tool that companies demand from the employees, especially in educational organizations.

Reading Makes People Well-rounded

Reading makes individuals learn how to respect other people’s opinions. Thus, by reading more books, a person ends up becoming a well-rounded and balanced individual. In addition, many people will want to speak with an employee who is well conversant with a myriad of topics. This is a quality that every employer wants in his/her staff.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Reading equips people with a collection of vocabulary which helps them improve their communication skills. It also enhances the person’s writing skills, especially when the person reads from various genres. Readers have a clearer understanding of the importance of good sentence structure. Reading gives people ideas on how to write persuasively. Different books have different writing styles that help a reader enhance his/her writing knowledge. Great communication skills enable a person to voice his/her concerns in an effective, fluent, and attractive manner. Every employer is impressed by excellent communication and writing skills.

Macbeth by Williams Shakespeare is one of the books that can assist readers to enhance their communication and writing skills. Romeo and Juliet summaries are also recommended as they have powerful quotes and great vocabulary.

Reading Equips Individuals with Analytical Thinking Skills

Books train a person to analyze situations carefully and make logical conclusions. Analytical thinking skills enable a person to think critically and solve the mystery behind every problem. Employers want employees who can think through information thoroughly and make sound judgments.

Enhanced Creativity And Memory

Some books provoke people’s imaginations which enhance their thinking and creativity at work. Reading makes one see possibilities that many cannot see. Every company yearns for creative thinkers who think outside the box and come up with new and exciting ways to perform their tasks. Constant reading also boosts an employee’s memory as the reader is required to remember all details for the story to flow well. It also reduces risks of getting Alzheimer. Employers need people who can remember even the less important information required to keep everything on track.

Reading Makes You Patient

Reading is a time-consuming task that demands a lot of patient from the readers. It takes tolerance and perseverance to read a book to the end. Every employer wants an employee who is patient with every aspect of his/her job.

Reduced Stress Levels

Every workplace subjects its employees to certain levels of stress. Through reading and the systematic turning of pages assist a person to forget the stress he/she was subjected to at work. Every workplace wants calm people who can lay off their stress as fast as it builds up to reduce hostile responses at the office. According to a prominent neuroscientist from the University of Sussex, Dr. David Lewis, reading reduces stress levels by more than 68 percent.

Readers Sleep Well

Reading a few chapters before bedtime helps you to unwind the day’s activities and relax your mind ready for a good sleep. Employees who rest well are happier, more productive, and stay focus on their tasks.

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