Why Recruiters should focus on Personal Branding

Personal branding is primarily the long-lasting process of building an impressed image or impact in the perception of others about an individual, group or organization. Personal branding usually involves the application of one’s name to several products.

What is Personal Branding for Recruiters?

Personal Branding is the employ of recruiters marketing themselves & the career opportunities in the company as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-support, the personal branding concept recommends that success comes from self-packaging.

Why is Personal Branding important for Recruiters?

1. When employed in a company

Recruiters’ personal branding is a vivid evidence of the best they have to offer in terms of performance, contributions & value to the organisation as well as the prospective employees.
Showcasing your personal brand attributes in your vitality, unique value, strength of character & passion towards work. Personal branding is the best attribute for recruiters to carry as it gives them a trust factor from management as well, specially when it comes to – “Why you hired this candidates?”

2. When appearing for an interview

Hiring process can be lengthy & costs money as well. When selecting a candidate, the decision-makers try to be quick with less cost involved. Your branded resume & effective personal branding aids them to quickly assess your candidature. A profound knowledge of contributions & appreciations received from previous employer can be icing on the cake to convert the interview.

What recruiters should do for effective Personal Branding?

1. Grow Network

Expanding network is significantly essential to business success. It opens up avenues you never thought. Your personal brand acts like a magnet, & it attracts like-minded people who can be very beneficial for the business or career, just like you can be helpful to them.Networking can best help others, & they may help you.

2. Share Opportunities

As the network starts to grow and recruiters begin to make active presence online and offline; it is time they should start engaging connections by sharing job opportunities in the company. If people among network finds it relevant they may apply, or at best they will share among their network. A good way to increase the presence.

3. Build Credibility

Your personal brand is the unique promise of value, & as long as you keep adding this value to self as well as others on a regular basis, you are gaining their trust and credibility. Along with job, recruiters should aspire for relevant certifications in their profession. They should participate actively in online discussions from their field. And most importantly share relevant content or job opportunities without spamming or irritating the network.

4. Connect with Employees

Inside office personal brand, is as important as outside office one. It is crucial for recruiters to stay connected with all the employees. This will surely help recruiters in getting employee referrals for job positions. Or at best, employees may share the job opportunities among their network.

5. Bring Automation in Recruitment Process

Recruiters should always look for bringing automation in their recruitment process. Automation helps in saying no to manual excel sheets, helps posting jobs & bulk emails at one-click and provides pay-per-use pricing facility. One such automation tool is Applicant Tracking System that can make manual recruitment process into 100% automated activity, helping recruiters in maximising their efficiency.

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