Why Small Businesses need a recruitment consultant?

Well, the common belief among Small businesses’ owners is – they do not need a recruitment consultant because they are ‘damn’ too expensive. I do not feel so and I have got 22 years of business experience to say that! In fact, Small businesses rely ( quite heavily) on their employees to succeed and I do not think anyone would disagree with this fact. Every single employee is a significant cost in terms of financial resources, business opportunity, service levels, generation or retention of goodwill..to name a few. Of course, by now you would have realized that ‘hiring’ is critical and a costly option to be exercised by Small business owners. ‘Costly’ because…if you hire wrong, you lose lot of money & business! A capable and committed recruitment consultancy firm will not make a mistake in hiring. Let us look at some reasons: Why Small businesses should hire a recruitment consultancy firm?

1. Will your selection ensure long term employment?
This is a tricky situation to handle, especially if you are a small business operation owner( for eg., a new start up company) and do not have sufficient experience in recruiting per say! The cost is three times the annual salary if you consider other heads of expense like training, productivity, investment in stocks and new market development etc – when you hire someone to fill a responsible position, like ‘heading a profit center’. No doubt, the job applicant is experienced well, knows the product or service well and can even talk his way through the interview. What happens if he leaves or quits? Can you hire Right?

2. Will you be able to challenge the Job applicant in the interview?
A well experienced sales professional can challenge the ‘sales position’ interviewees with very pertinent and intelligent questions. The obvious is at times not so visible; if you do not have an eye for details! Experience in years teaches a lot. Recruitment is an intelligent process and cannot be taken for granted. A simple folly can occur due to haste or lack of experience of the interviewer. A small business cannot afford such a folly!

3. Can you get a candidate through networking?
Recruitment consultancy firms have a network to source candidates who fit the requirement. This is as a result of past experience or because of benefits accrued from trade. You may spend lot of time and effort but may not get the right fit! An experienced consultant can do it faster and correctly too.

4. Commitment to Job applicant makes the difference!
A recruitment consultancy firm backs up its hiring efforts with personal commitment to do the Right. I do not tell a lie about the present situation the job entails. Transparency and commitment along with my wide experience in sales & marketing builds trust among job applicants. And they know they are being taken care of! I do not sell a bad product! I do not make false promises! Well, it reflects in my discussions with my candidates and clients! And my clients are happy with me! So are the candidates who have joined new jobs through my consultancy services!

5. Can you expand your search quickly and effectively?
There are some limits to every situation! As a small business owner, you know your business well. But, can you expand your candidate search on time? Can you develop a trustworthy database of good capable candidates? Can you exercise choice while selecting?

I can understand that you need a right candidate within your resources, budget, and time frame/ cycle to take advantage of business opportunities which are really short-lived. At Rambuna consultants, we take care of all these market variables and you can be rest assured that you will get a committed candidate through our consultancy service. To know more about us, please visit our website:www.rambunaconsultants.com

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