Why the Technical Recruiting Industry is Broken

Hmmm, where do I begin. Let's first start off by saying that most companies now pre-recession all employ a team of recruiters and some have dedicated sourcers. Our biggest customer has 10 technical recruiters, notice I said technical recruiters, so this means they have dedicated resources/recruiters for all the other positions in the company. Along with 10 technical recruiters they also employ 5 sourcers. And on average with this company and other companies each recruiter is currently working to fill on average around 10-20 job requisitions. Can you imagine having to fill 20 hard-to-fill positions?

For all of you in recruiting you understand the amount of work and energy needed to fill one let's use a Java Developer for an example as this is currently the most difficult position to fill on average now taking around 12 months to fill one if your lucky. Most aren't so fortunate as again these are the most sought after candidates in the world right now. There are many positions in IT and Computer Science that are also extremely difficult to fill.  Now think about how many products or tools are in the market to use for recruiters? I can think of 5 of the top of my head and I think every customer I have called on mentioned using either one or two or all 5 tools. These 2 or 3 or some use all 5 are by far the most predominant and popular tools among employers and recruiters. Most of you reading this are probably listing them in your head, one of them just sold themselves as they put themselves on the market 5 years ago by a staffing firm. And this staffing firm is not even in the US.

Ok so now you know who I am talking about lets consider say the 5 sourcers for this one company, yes one company all pulling from the same pool of candidates, not to mention the other 10M companies or however many companies are in just the US and how many of them use tools for recruiting. But, for some reason I keep hearing this saying "its a crowded marketplace" Too much competition? How could anyone rely on the same old tools that have been around for 10-15 years that most never innovated until recently when they had too.  Folks, the recruiting industry is broken into 50M pieces. Every recruiter should be able to reach out and use 10-15 tools at there disposal depending on the task or job requisition at hand. But guess what there aren't that many tools on the market and another item to point out is they are all way to expensive and the worst part about it is most of them don't even work? It's time to re-evaluate how and what tools are in the market as you have to innovate to grow.

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