Why You Should Never Ghost Your Recruiter...


As a candidate, recruitment consultants spend a lot of time qualifying you, coaching you for interview, giving you feedback and trusting you to put the effort in to get the position you originally said you wanted. 

Candidates ghost recruiters all the time.  What’s the big deal? – there is always another candidate, right?

Well, yes there is but the only person you are really harming is yourself.  By ghosting a recruiter, you are not only burning a bridge with them but also burning a bridge with the company you were set to interview with and the hiring manager you were set to interview with.

Recruiters also talk to other recruiters and hiring managers in the industry, which could harm your entire reputation.

Why do people ignore their recruiter?

We’re not sure – they could have possibly changed their mind about the opportunity, their too busy, something has happened which puts things on hold.  Either way letting your recruiter know what’s going on will enable them to focus their efforts where they need to be rather than spending time chasing you and having you ignore their calls. 

What should you do if you change your mind?

Tell your recruiter as soon as you can.  The only way to work with other people is to be transparent and open about your feelings towards the position or company. By being open and transparent it will encourage your recruiter to contact you about other opportunities which may be a better fit or it will let them know that now isn’t the right time so they can contact you in the future.

Be honest

There is no need to make up some elaborate excuse as to why you’re no longer interested in the opportunity, be honest! If its not the right time or you’re quite happy where you are at the moment, then say exactly that! Great recruiters will always appreciate honesty!

By being transparent you aren’t burning any bridges and will only gain from the situation by expanding your network.

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