An old saying goes that “employees leave managers, not companies” and it’s happening frequently nowadays. Citing an example of U.S, Department of Labour Statistics revealed that average employee tenure is 1 to 1.5 years that’s quite alarming! We usually ask ourselves; “are managers doing that bad to engage and retain their valuable employee”.

It can be said that wherever macro trends went, ability to effectively administer and retain talented workmen is a risk. Today, we’ll discuss why some of your best employees quit and how to hold them without throwing a pile of money so read on.

  • 1.     Lack of vision

Companies that lack vision are bound to fail one day or another. Only a few, self-motivated employees get out of bed early in the morning and try hitting a profit number while others don’t even understand the concept. Being a manager, never confuse your monetary objectives with vision as dreaming the big picture brings profit and not the other way around.

  • 2.     No association with the bigger picture

Best workplace provides employees with a sense of satisfaction, empathy, belonging and allows them to bring an optimistic change. There exist a direct correlation between employee retention, productivity and customer metrics to overall mission of the organization. Google’s mission is to “organise world’s information and make it available globally”. May sound simple; the statement has a powerful impact on those who understand gist of it all. Successful and competitive organisations realize that business strategies may vary with time but vision doesn’t!

  • 3.     No room for empathy

No one today serves the same company for around 50 years just to get their hands on gold Rolex watch. Employers let thousands of valuable personnel go each year while those who remain just wait for a more rewarding opportunity; and we call it market competitiveness. Speaking commonly, there’s less loyalty on both sides however the solution is quite simple and inexpensive; listen to each other and understand the motive.

Remember, it’s not a talk therapy but a step towards bridging communication gap between higher, mid and lower management. Only through listening to each other would cater a proactive solution whereas freedom of expression is usually from leader’s side that fosters apathy.

  1. 4.     Less motivation

Self-motivation isn’t with every person each has a different point of view and character. Being employed at Disney, Google, Facebook or any other top company won’t do much as long as there’s no one to applause for a job well done! Companies that don’t welcome an environment to create adrenaline rush within their employees are likely to collapse sooner or later. While we’re spellbound by crispy feel and fresh smell of cash, a few words of appreciation may take your employee a long way down to successful career. There’s no greater myth in administering a company with mere financial compensation to engage and retain top talents.

No future, no fun

Even if your company operates in a highly competitive market, dealing with temporary staffing in Dubai let’s say, this short-term staff is unlikely to work with much zeal if there’s no future. Apparently not everyone’s going to be a CEO or a sales lead, managers should at-least guide their employees how they can put their skills to best for a bright career and future.


Provided above are a few reasons as to why companies & recruitment agencies lose some of their best talents! There’re several others but for now, have a look at given information.

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