Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Communications Specialist

Both new and established businesses can benefit from hiring a corporate communications specialist. A person with this job is responsible for communicating about the company internally and externally. If you have not hired someone for this role, here is why you should consider it.

What Does a Corporate Communications Specialist Do?

When most people hear the term corporate communications specialist, they think of public relations or PR. Although a large part of this role includes writing and publishing press releases or other information for the media, there are other responsibilities. They may also set up events, use social media, write speeches and interact with other businesses. They have to communicate effectively online and offline. 

A typical day for a corporate communications specialist may start with submitting a press release to PR Newswire for distribution and reaching out to members of the media to cover it. Building relationships with members of the media is an important part of the job. In the afternoon, the specialist may set up speaking engagements for the company's CEO and help prepare the presentation. They may write the speech and put together the PowerPoint. The end of the day may be reserved for answering questions sent to the company.

Why You Need a Corporate Communications Specialist

Your company's brand image can affect everything from sales to customer loyalty. What others think of you can influence your market share, so it is important to present a consistent image. A corporate communications specialist can help you accomplish this by interacting with the media and others in a reliable way. They can help create consistent branding across the company that everyone can use. 

A corporate communications specialist can also make it easier for people within the company to interact. They can set up processes that help employees discuss matters with managers or send information to the CEO. They can train members of the staff to talk about the company effectively. As the face and voice of your company, they serve as a model for others to follow.

A specialist can put together a brand media kit that would include important information about your company. For instance, it could list your preferred brand colors and fonts. It can also include company logos, how you address people, photographs of staff and other images. Information about the company, such as management, products, services and history, is also a big part of the media kit. Some kits also include recent press like articles about the business.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Corporate Communications Specialist

If you are ready to take the next step and hire a corporate communications specialist, the first part of the process is determining how much help you need. When you already have a brand image that you like, it makes the specialist's role easier since that person only has to uphold it, so you can hire someone with less experience. However, if you are starting from scratch, then hiring a more experienced specialist is necessary.

In addition to considering the person's experience, education and training, think about the ability to represent your business. Finding someone who is tech-savvy is essential. For example, according to Maryville University, mobile video now makes up 60% of online media traffic, so you have to find a corporate communications specialist who is versatile and can help create videos.

Other skills to consider include writing and editing. Corporate communications specialists spend many hours putting together press releases, answering questions and doing other tasks that involve writing. They may also have to proofread and edit other documents, so these skills are essential.

A corporate communications specialist has to be able to handle a crisis. If the CEO goes on a rant on social media, crisis intervention is essential. You have to find a person who can stay calm and in control during these situations.  

A detail-oriented person with the ability to multitask is also helpful. You want someone with a warm personality that the media will enjoy interviewing. It is important to have several interviews with a potential candidate to see if these talents are there.  

Where to Find a New Hire

One of the easiest ways to find a new corporate communications specialist is to post a job online on a website like Indeed. When you are writing the advertisement, make sure you include an overview of the role, job responsibilities, education requirements and qualifications you prefer. Keep in mind that not everyone will have the background and every skill you want, so make sure the listing is flexible.

Posting job ads on social media, reaching out to PR groups and asking others for recommendations can also help you find the right person. The search may take time, so be prepared to invest in a corporate communications specialist.

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