Buzz buzz. This'll be fun. In the middle of the day from hell I had today, my mind drifted to a more secure, happier place, and began to use itself again to think. Unfortunately those thoughts are always that great. I do amuse myself though...

Here I am neck deep in URGENT requisitions, you know the kind where the world will end or the company will go broke if I don't find a two toed camel herder with 6 years java development skills. I have my C level executives calling me, wondering where they all are. I have my team, well a team in transition, one person about to move to HR, one going flat out and 2 part time people just finding their way. I have interviews to organise, interviews to do, I have screening to do, I have offers to make (and some weird questions to field from these offers, I mean seriously, if I'm paying you $1000 a day, don't bitch to me that it isn't enough) and of course I have to prepare for an external audit on Monday. Give me that bottle of acid.. I'm thirsty!

And then as one of the offers I have on the boil is about to go south, because of a silly business decision, i get a cold call... da da daaaaaaaaaa. I'm an easy target, my name is on the corporate website, I'm tweeting jobs, I'm all over job boards etc.

- welcome to .... Recpest speaking
- Hi, I'm blah, from blah blah Recruiting, can I speak to Recpest please.
RP - Yep, just said that.. you are.
?? - Oh hi, how are you?
RP - Awesome! Friday arvo and I'm talking to you! How could I be better?
?? - OK, ummm I saw your ad on job board A and just wondered if you need any help?
RP - I thought you said you were a recruiter?
?? - I did, I mean yes I am
RP - OK, so your not a two toed camel herder with 6 years java development?
?? - No, but I have some great camel herders I am working with from an assignment we did for a company just like yours.
RP - Do they have 2 toes?
?? - No
RP - Do they have java experience? But they are keen to learn
?? - No
RP - So how are you going to help me then?
?? - Well I have these great candidates that....
RP - yeah you told me that, but do they match the brief you said you called me about?
?? - Not exactly, but they will be a great cultural fit for your company!
RP - OK, and what fit will that be?
?? - ummmmmmm but we have cheap rates.
RP - Let's not talk about money yet. Did you find these people?
?? - No, my researcher did in our database
RP - OK but you interviewed them though, face to face?
?? - No, I did a phone interview with them.
RP - You did?
?? - Well no, one of my colleagues did that.....
RP - OK, can I ask you a question then?
?? - Sure.....
RP - You said you were a Recruiter....
?? - Yeah
RP - What Recruiting do you do?
?? - what do you mean?
RP - Tell me what out of what you just said, shows me you DO Recruiting,
?? - Well we aren't here to talk about me...
RP - Serious?
?? - Yeah, I'm calling to see if I can help you out.
RP - In what?
?? - Your Recruitment needs
RP - But we just established you don't do Recruitment.
---------------line dead-------------

oops, was I bad?

Seriously, can the real Recruiters please stand up.

My natural superiority complex bubbled up then. My view on Agency Recruiters v Corporate Recruiters solidified. (opposite to the one I hear a bit that Corporate Recruiters are failed Agency Recruiters)

Corporate Recruiters (Not the HR wannabe, why do I have to do this interview when I can sit in my ivory tower and write a policy) are the REAL Recruiters, Agency recruiters are the second cousin that everyone bitches about but don't like to invite them to their house.

The amount of times I am told by Agency recruiters that they have a database of 60000 people and that is how they will find me the best person... OK how is that Recruiting? That is just scraping barrels. Tell me how YOU are adding me value. That isn't

I have to know my market, our place within it. I need to attract people, or find them, nurse them through our process, sell the why us concept. I have to process all the applications that come from the job boards, I need to screen them, I need to interview them, I need to test them and do their reference checks. Then, I need to ensure the offer is accepted and that they actually start. I have to deal with grumpy hiring managers, I have to deal with the business repercussions of bad hires.

So, I suppose I'm saying my version of Recruiting is a bit different to this guys. To be honest, I am finding more and more this is the prevailing sentiment from the calls I've received lately.

My dear Agency cousins, if you're calling me saying you are a recruiter. Prove it!

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Comment by Hassan Rizwan on September 7, 2009 at 12:45am
Hmmm. I guess you were harsh to the recruiters but there is no problem if they really deserve such a treatment. Looking at your business, it looks like you are handling huge responsibilities as an HR representative in your firm. I would suggest you to go for little expensive but known recruiters who use proper ATS software to filter out the resume database according to the needs of their clients. It’s important to understand the role of hiring recruiters. Always include this question in your list before hiring any recruiter that what ATS software do they provide to post a job vacancy. These days its fairly an easy task if right recruitment companies are approached. The latest practices are about assessing the candidate right at the time when he applies for the job and then the employer can see the grades according to the test given and only the better resumes are be taken into consideration. I hope it’s a good piece of information for you. :)
Comment by Miranda Hinshaw on September 7, 2009 at 1:05pm
Thank you for this post - LOL... I will be humming this tune the rest of the day. I do hope you find your two toed camel herder :-) I know that many of us can relate. Workloads like yours are where we have found great success in supplying on demand recruitment support. Our consultant(s) take a piece of the cycle for you. They act as an integrated member of your team and with years of experience behind them, there is very little ramp time. This type of support helps to maintain company brand, decrease your work load and time to fill. It is confusing to me why money would be wasted on the type of support your caller offered, not only is a waste of your time and money, but having people like this represent your company can have negative effects on your company brand.

I have had many similar conversations as I am screening recruiting talent to find the “Real” recruiters. Now you have given me a theme song! Thanks...
Comment by Peter Ceccarelli on September 8, 2009 at 4:38pm
Are you always this sarcastic? That might be part of your challenge. You get back what you put out there.

What you described is a very typical day in corporate recruiting and very typical conversations from just SOME of the agency recruiters who call. It's all part of the day to day gig. Some corporate recruiters are good and some are terrible. And the same goes for the agency side of the business. If all the agency recruiters were ALL as bad as you've depicted...........they'd all be out of business, now wouldn't they!
Comment by Charles Van Heerden on September 8, 2009 at 7:57pm
As a corporate recruiter I really understand your situation. You are pretty much the turkey in the sandwich. Hiring managers want new staff now, and good applicants are becoming harder to find.

I still have to see a business model where all jobs are filled by internal recruiters, on a sustainable long-term basis, for a reasonable sized business. Typically, there is search for executive roles, and a blend of internal/external recruitment. I would usually give my "difficult" roles to an external recruiter, though I don't like contingent assignments as I believe it is like playing lottery.

Ultimately, we all need each other, and I would be reluctant to try and find a two tied camel herder without my network of friendly (real) recruiters, despite the fact that we have too many camels in Australia!
Comment by Jacco Valkenburg on September 10, 2009 at 4:11am
Very funny and so often true. And people still wonder why corporate recruiters just want to hang up when an agency calls
Comment by RECPEST - Recruiting Pest on September 10, 2009 at 10:26am
Peter, I"m sarcastic only when provoked, by non listening time wasters. Never aggressive, just blunt and sarcastic..

The idea of the post (and obviously well hidden), was to point out the need to know your value, and to be able to convey it, effectively and succinctly. I've worked for the first half of my career as a TPR, I've had teams reporting to me and I've been that guy on the phone the HM didn't want to talk to. I understand the game!

You said it is a typical day, part of the day to day gig, and essentially just what we have to put up with. Why should I? I don't put up with poorly cooked food at a restaurant, I don't put up with poor service. If I'm a customer, I"m looking for value.. Give it to me. I won't tolerate people wasting my time, my boss is paying for that. My job is to add value to my company, not to make others feel good about themselves.

But you can't just hang up on them when they call.. that's rude, and you never know there could be some value there somewhere.
Comment by Jacco Valkenburg on September 10, 2009 at 10:29am
Agree, it's not a good idea to hang up on them. That's why I like your approach.
Comment by Peter Ceccarelli on September 10, 2009 at 7:01pm
Here's the deal. You decided to go into the restuarant and order something. Therefore you should expect service. But if the restaurant came to you, figuring you might be hungry and was "cold-calling" soliciting your business, that's a different approach. And if they do it poorly, then you say, "no thanks" and move on. So I'm not buying your explaination.

To be sarcastic for the sake of being sarcastic gives all of us a bad name. Annoying as it is, and yes, most TPR don't give up on the first "no.......I'm not interested in solicting your services", perhaps just a little bit of coaching might be of value. Therefore you're coaching, extending something of value to them whether they want it or not and they just might learn something. You can do that AND be gracious all at the same time. Right! None of us did this perfect in the beginning. If that were the case we'd all be near as rich as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. And you said you started out that way too. Were you perfect? Probably not. But to blatantly shut down someone who was actually lucky enough to get you on the phone does not speak well for your company's employment brand. Don't forget.....everyone is a potential customer, regardless of the type of business you're in.
Comment by Dan Nuroo on September 11, 2009 at 10:29am
So you say no thanks to the restaurant, but they tell you they have exactly what you want to eat? The best fit for you, the best steak in the world. But you're a vegetarian? Never have been in the market for a steak and never will be. But they keep pushing the steak on you.. what do you do?

Also if TPR's won't listen to the first no, why would we think they would listen to coaching? And yes I am using a HUGE generalisation.

Agreed that everyone is a potential customer, but hey you don't have to do business with everyone.

I thought the idea of these forums etc was to pass it forward and to add advice and coaching to other parties? Isn't that what Recpest was trying to do? I didn't think this was actually a bragging post of how he beat the TPRs up.


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