Words and Phrases to recruit by!!!

In no particular Order

  1. Take control!!- This means to come in and establish yourself with your client. You must establish credibility, in order for them to truly work with you and for you to have the type of presence needed to be viewed as the "Recruiting Master" and SME.
  2. Establish Process!!- Make sure you establish the process you will use to help your client fill positions. A well-established and agreed-upon process makes it easier all around. Everyone knows what to expect from you and what is expected from them. Go so far as to create an SLA or SOW even.
  3. Go beyond the Basics!!- This means to go more than the minimum. If looking for a VB person does not just search under VB, spell it out Visual basic. Find more about it and see if there are other names or acronyms that can be used for it. Is it part of a bigger product? Find out more about the JD, really understand it. Maybe even go so far as to shadow someone doing that job for a few hours. Get a copy of a resume of someone who is doing it now and really doing well. When searching does not just use "resume" use CV, Curriculum Vitae, Bio, Profile. Do not just search in a paid site and that is all. Utilize all the search and recruiting sources available (I will be listing some at a later post). In other words, do not just do what is easiest or is basic recruiting. Do more, go above and beyond.
  4. Over Communicate!!- As with any relationship communication is key. I have found it is far better to over-communicate than under-communicate. Clients appreciate knowing what is going on and one of the biggest complaints about recruiting is lack of communication. One of the biggest ways to do this is to manage your inbox. Do not let it become overwhelming and a place where emails go to die. Stay on top of it. Create rules and alerts to help deal with some of the emails and see #6 below.
  5. Warp Speed!!- This means simply work fats, work like it is important because it probably is. Do not procrastinate and put things off. You will find that usually when you do, things creep back upon you and you run out of time. So work a "Warp Speed", meaning work as fast as you can while not giving up quality. Trust me your clients will appreciate it and you will find it gives you more time later.
  6. Multi-Task!!- This simply means to do more than one thing at a time. Do not just source on the internet for one particular job, when you could have several windows open, sourcing in multiple places, for multiple jobs. Learn how to do more than one thing at a time, and you will find you have more time for those emergencies that always come up.
  7. Organization and Planning are the glue!!- This is by far the most important one of all. You must know how to organize and plan your time effectively. As an example, one of the biggest problems recruiters have is finding time to source. This is most true of corporate recruiters who get sucked into all sorts of things. Well simply put sourcing time on your calendar for every day. This guarantees you time to source. But do not just stop there. Go in with a plan. Know your openings and have them prioritized. Set a number of candidates you want to find for a given opening on a weekly basis. Do your sourcing at the time you set forth, but follow your plan. If you have 50 openings, and you have decided 5 for each a week is good, Then use your sourcing time to find your 5 candidates for the first opening and then move on to the next. This ensures you will find candidates for all your openings, and usually will leave you some time left. Most recruiters I know when they do source get so caught up in one opening, by the time their sourcing time is done, they have only sourced for one opening and have numerous more they have done nothing with.


All of these words or phrases will help you be a better recruiter. As you can see, they all connect in some way. So, if you do them all you will excel. But, of course, keep in mind. These are not the only ones. These are just the ones that I have found have served me the best

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