You can lead your boss to broadband, but you can't make him click...

stubborn donkey 4The Internet is for so much more than email (which the young already regard as old-fashioned) and social networking. I recently wrote about UK government and public bodies (but I suspect these people are the same the world over) who continue to see the solution to address our economic sloth in building physical infrastructure - bridges to our past! - when the availability of broadband is so much more important -  It is the main route to the Promised Land, but it will only get us there if we use it knowingly.

The internet should change the way we view the world and how we do things. No longer do we need to need to travel for hours to meet people, but we continue to thrash up and down the motorways, or waste countless hours at airports. The only boundaries we have are those we place on ourselves by our lack of new thinking, or the legacy of the past we haul around like chains - often driven by those resistant to change.

Here are my favourite 11 places to go to change how we do things or view the world:

Quirky: Want to see how ‘The Crowd’ will overhaul new product development? A few minutes will convince you there’s a better way of working.

Shapeways: The 3D printing marketplace at work.

Kickstarter: ‘The Crowd’ are finding new ways to fund new ideas. You really do need to know this stuff.

oDesk: This is putting the last nail in the coffin of the ‘career’, but opening new doors to variety and adaptability.

TedTalks: Just do yourself a favour and discover new stuff. Stay fresh. Reinvent yourself.

RSA Animate: Not a new way of thinking, just a new way of thinking about the stuff we’ve always thought about.

Fiverr: Get anything (well almost) for $5.

YouTube: The most underrated training tool in the world. If you want to learn how to sell, make things, or meet people, it’s here, waiting for you, for nothing. It’s much more than funny cats.

Skype: A wonderful tool to meet more customers more often, and interview job candidates first time round – and save loads of time and money. The trusting handshake was always overvalued anyway.

The Economist Newspaper: Forget the name, its brilliantly written and insightful.

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries: For all this talk of technology, the human condition is at the heart of what we are and what we do.

The Internet offers us all opportunities to take a take a new perspective, learn new stuff, and open new doors. It’s for so much more than email and where you must have a website.

My pet story is my local government who won't let their senior staff (hell, ANY staff) on the internet in case they use it. Do you ever wonder why we're stuck?

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