I don't want to bore you with a long post given the hugeness of the prize I'm about to give out to the winner of the RecruitingBlogs.com Video Contest sponsored by Broadlook,

I do have to say that I took a lot of flack from a lot of people about the way I was going to determine the winner. I mean picking a name from a hat is of course not in any way a way to judge what is best. For me though, and it has always been this way, the energy and the commitment to creating content is the soul of good community. I feel strongly about this and I think that the video makers know it and appreciate it.

There were 8 very original submissions and I was blown away by all of them.

Jerry Albright

The RecruiterGuy

Dennis Smith

Maren Hogan

Nancy Holand

Amybeth Hale

Jeremy Hogan

Ben Gotkin

I want to thank each of you for putting the effort it took to create these videos. They are played constantly in my house. There was some amazing stuff in those videos.

I also want to say thanks to Donato who really was most generous. I told him about the idea when RecruitingBlogs.com reached 10,000 members, and he he said yes fast.

So now, onto the good stuff. Watch the video to see...

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Way to go Dennis and all those who did videos.

Maybe we should have the Davis kids handle the U.S. election too?
Congrats Dennis. the video was awesome. wait till you see tensingpen
*congratulating Dennis the way the French congratulated the American men's relay team tonight*

kidding:) hehe...enjoy Jamaica Dennis!
well done Dennis. Think of us when you're gone!
All of you guys:

Stars are born. That was a wonderful way to choose, IMO
Biggup Dennis!

Dennis - super news and congratulations to you, as well as all of the entrants.
so lucky!~ congrats. p.s. btw didn't realize you were in my friends list. I assume it was when I first joined RBC and didn't know what was going on..with the add in's... thanks for the add. and look forward to getting to know your professional work. all the best! congrats on rest of the videos as well.. enjoyed watching them. :)
Congrats, Dennis!!!!! We'll be expecting lots of pics!
Thanks to Jason and Broadlook for the fun contest. :-)
From the guy who never wins anything (we always say that, eh?)......WOOOWWWW!

Amybeth - completely understood, and thank you : )

Ok, had this big long comment typed in here, and I just deleted it...thought I'd save it for a video response since it seems appropriate.

I think my piece of paper must have had the Ruby-magic going since she picked up my paper and crunched it up first.....thank you Ruby!!!

And thank you, Broadlook....such generosity is rare.

Jason - thanks for allowing the winner to be chosen out of a hat...I would have never had a chance against the likes of the musical talent at RBC.

Davis fam - you all rock! Thanks for making "the best" video to hit RBC in a long time (yep, I'm slightly biased).

Video reply in the works,

Congratulations Dave and Thanks Donato and Jason!
great kids and family.. Jason.. adorable btw ~ wow.. how do you keep up? work/family balance always a puzzling question for me.. :) or is there a such thing as 100% work/family balance? lol

Slouch said:
Congrats Dennis. the video was awesome. wait till you see tensingpen

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